I Hate You, Natty

So I’ve been running the Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 for the past month.  This latest Ubuntu has been far from stable, and I have no idea how they are going to release a stable version within a month.

So gnome 3 just got released, and I wanted to install it on my laptop.  I install the PPA and see there the warnings that there is no downgrade path.  I figure I could just Unity desktop anyways.  However gnome 3 hosed my machine.  Apparently, I don’t have hardware acceleration, although I did prior to installing it.  Not only did gnome 3 screw up gnome, it screwed up the Unity desktop as well.  So I just decided to reinstall Ubuntu from scratch.

The Ubuntu installer is suppose to have a more understandable installer.  From this Lifehacker article, you can see the install options.


The first option on my computer says “Erase Natty Narwhal and reinstall.”  I choose this option.  Notice the 3rd option will wipe everything, which I don’t want since I still want my Windows 7 installed.  Good.  Should be easy enough, right?

Ubuntu installs fine.  I restart and I don’t see the Windows 7 option in grub.  I’ll go fix that then.  Hmm…  Windows partition is gone.  Stupid Ubuntu installer used the whole disk rather than just my linux partition.  I chose “Erase Natty Narwhal and reinstall,” not “Erase everything.”  Why are you deleting my Windows partition?

I hate you, Natty.

Native 64-bit Flash on Linux

One of the reasons that almost got me to switch back to 32-bit Ubuntu was the crappy Adobe Flash on 64-bit.  That was until the 64-bit alpha Flash player plugin got released.  I’ve been using the native 64-bit Flash player plugin for the past few months, and it’s worked quite well.  It’s much better than the npviewer/nswrapperplugin crap that all distros seem to default to.  The alpha refresh was released last week.