Kobe’s Ruptured Achilles and My Hate Towards Him

2013-04-13 23.48.14

Sam posted on my Facebook timeline, “I need to know your opinion about Kobe and his ruptured Achilles.”

I actually happened to see this game on TV live. I had checked ESPN.com and saw Stephen Curry had 47 on the Lakers, so just as I tuned into the game, this happened. And immediately as I saw it, I knew what had happened.

Having ruptured my Achilles almost 14 years back in 1999, I have a soft spot for those who also rupture their Achilles. But I also hate Kobe and I hate the Lakers. How do I reconcile this?

Now what I call “hate” here isn’t actual hate.  Like if I saw Kobe walking down the street, my blood wouldn’t boil walking past him.  I wouldn’t have the urge to shank in the back or to sock him in the throat.  This kind of “hate”  is the sports hate that any real sports fan would understand.  I didn’t have an ill-will toward him.  I didn’t want him to break is leg.  As with any sports hate, we just love seeing the team/person fail.

When you cheer for my group of teams (Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Dolphins) who have barely seen any postseason games, you have to find a second team to cheer for or find teams to cheer against.  I have lots of teams and players than I hate, but there is no other team/player that I loved cheering against more than the Lakers and Kobe. Even after Kobe went down, I was still cheering hard for the Warriors to win the game.

So how do I feel about Kobe and his ruptured Achilles? While I do enjoy seeing Kobe fail, I never wanted to see this (or any other serious injury) happen to him.  So I feel bad for him.  I know how frustrating it is to deal with a ruptured Achilles.  The long rehab.  The daily soreness.  I was in my athletic prime too when I ruptured it.

I hope he recovers quickly, and back to his full strength.  I can’t wait to cheer against him again.

The Evidence


Stupid refs.  My only hope in the future is to get a superstar of my own.  Hopefully Brandon Jennings will be that superstar.

Here’s more on Kobe & the game yesterday, from http://espn.go.com/blog/TrueHoop/post/_/id/11587/kobe-bryant-in-a-nutshell

Conspiracy theorists
The Lakers won by one point in overtime. They got three points in the final minute on a play that appeared to most observers to feature both a Bryant charge and a travel, when he made himself into a bowling ball and Andrew Bogut into a bowling pin.

The NBA says there are no such things as superstar calls, but was anybody surprised by that? Can you find examples of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant getting whistled for offensive fouls with the ball on the way to the hoop with the game on the line? This is not new. If it happens at all, it happens very little. It’s evident superstars operate with a certain impunity. You could argue it’s a reason to have a superstar — so you don’t have to worry much about offensive fouls with the game on the line.

Even on the next play, Bryant’s game-winner, he gathered the ball, and then hopped noticeably with both feet before pivoting.

It’s not alarming or even all that disappointing to me. The game is hard to referee in real time, and everyone wants to see plays like the one above.

And in a way, wasn’t last night’s game perfect? Kobe Bryant fans, stat geeks, conspiracy theorists … Just about everyone got what they wanted.

The NBA is Rigged

I kind of wished I never got that into basketball.  The NBA is rigged.  The NBA tells officials how to call the games.  Officials give the superstars all the calls.  It is what it is.

Did you watch the Lakers/Bucks game tonight?  Did you see the stupid and 1 call that Kobe got before he hit the game winner?  Did you see the travel on that play?  Or how about the charging?  Either one could have been called, but to call it blocking and the and 1?!  Are you kidding me?!  You’re going to give him continuation off of 3 steps?  If that’s Charlie Bell making that move, he ain’t getting that call.  I hate this game.

I hate Kobe.  I hate the Lakers.  I hate the NBA.  My team will never succeed because greater unseen forces are against them.