Kobe’s Ruptured Achilles and My Hate Towards Him

2013-04-13 23.48.14

Sam posted on my Facebook timeline, “I need to know your opinion about Kobe and his ruptured Achilles.”

I actually happened to see this game on TV live. I had checked ESPN.com and saw Stephen Curry had 47 on the Lakers, so just as I tuned into the game, this happened. And immediately as I saw it, I knew what had happened.

Having ruptured my Achilles almost 14 years back in 1999, I have a soft spot for those who also rupture their Achilles. But I also hate Kobe and I hate the Lakers. How do I reconcile this?

Now what I call “hate” here isn’t actual hate.  Like if I saw Kobe walking down the street, my blood wouldn’t boil walking past him.  I wouldn’t have the urge to shank in the back or to sock him in the throat.  This kind of “hate”  is the sports hate that any real sports fan would understand.  I didn’t have an ill-will toward him.  I didn’t want him to break is leg.  As with any sports hate, we just love seeing the team/person fail.

When you cheer for my group of teams (Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Dolphins) who have barely seen any postseason games, you have to find a second team to cheer for or find teams to cheer against.  I have lots of teams and players than I hate, but there is no other team/player that I loved cheering against more than the Lakers and Kobe. Even after Kobe went down, I was still cheering hard for the Warriors to win the game.

So how do I feel about Kobe and his ruptured Achilles? While I do enjoy seeing Kobe fail, I never wanted to see this (or any other serious injury) happen to him.  So I feel bad for him.  I know how frustrating it is to deal with a ruptured Achilles.  The long rehab.  The daily soreness.  I was in my athletic prime too when I ruptured it.

I hope he recovers quickly, and back to his full strength.  I can’t wait to cheer against him again.