Bowling & CSI

I love bowling.  I used to bowl all the time back in junior high when in the summertime Chaparral Lanes offered unlimited bowling on the weekdays from noon to 4pm for $40 bucks.  That summer was one of the best summers I had back in school.  We’d bowl for a few hours, walk to I’m Comics, play some Street Fighter II, and bowl some more.  So I know a little bit about bowling.  Maybe more than a little bit.

So I’m catching up on CSI from this season and they have this bowling episode.  The problem, it seems, is that it doesn’t look any of the editors know anything about bowling from the screenshot and score below.


Now some of you may notice a discrepancy in the score.  Probably a lot of you won’t, so I’ll explain.  The score itself tells you a lot about what has yet to happen.

From the screenshot, Cigs is bowling, and he has a double (well a Turkey, but that first strike has already been counted in his score) going into the 10th frame.  (For a more in-depth look into how scoring works, check the wikipedia page)  The score Cigs currently has is not possible.  In this situation, there should be no score in the 9th frame.  In fact the 8th frame should not have a score as well, since the strike counts the next two balls into the score.  We can see from the 7th to 8th frame, he gets 28 pins.  We know his first ball knocks down 8 pins.

Of course in order to try to build suspense, the writers of CSI have Cigs getting a 7-10 split.



Oh know.  One of the hardest splits to pick up, and he has to pick it up if he wants to win.  Well, we already know what happens since that score in the 9th frame that shouldn’t be there, is there.  He picks it up, and thus pretty much sealing the match (unless he gutters on the last ball).  I haven’t seen what actually happens after this since before Cigs can throw his second ball, a head comes out of the return.


What I do know is that he picked up the split.  I’ll have to finish the episode and update this post if that doesn’t happen.

Now this analysis may be lengthy and kind of convoluted.  Who has the time to analyze a bowling score on a TV show.  Well, remember I know a little bit about bowling.  This only took seconds for me to notice the score was wrong and know what was about to happen.  I’m such a nerd.

The End of an Era


It’s a streak that has been going on for over 19 years.  This streak was longer than the 7 years no throw-up streak that was broken in college, and the subsequent 5 year no throw-up streak after that.  This streak meant something, although the importance of it probably matters none.  Since the summer of 1990, I have bowled probably over a thousand games.  And in each of those game I have successfully bowled over 100.  Yesterday, that streak ended.  Gone are the days of my 150 average.   Gone are the days where 100 was a given score.  At my advancing age, my body aches after bowling.

There were a few games where I had to step in the clutch and get a mark in the final frame in order to get my 100 score.  But yesterday I got off to a bad start as normally given my rust from bowling only a few times a year.  The lane was dry yesterday making it more difficult to find the line I wanted.  And when I finally found the line I wanted in the 6th frame, I had a lot to make up.  I only have an 89 entering the 10th frame.  I need a mark to keep my streak alive.  I roll the ball and hit my line thinking I got my strike, only it hooks too much and leaves me a 367 split.  My hopes of keeping my streak alive are fading fast.  I’ve picked up this split numerous times before back in the day, but those days were long ago.

I attempt to go for my spare and it feels good coming out of my hand.  The ball is rolling exactly where it needs to go for the first 45 feet.  That last 15 feet, the dry lane shows its ugly head again and I barely miss picking up the split.  Final score 98.  Streak over.

I haven’t seen such a low score from me in decades; not since I was a little kid.  There could be numerous reasons why I scored so low.  Dry lane.  Invisible arrows on the dark lanes.  Not having my own bowling ball.  Lack of practice.   Regardless, it has come to end.

The streak is now at 1 game and 1 day.   Let’s keep it going.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.  And thank you for those who came bowling with me.  It was fun.

Image reused under Creative Commons license / CC BY-SA 2.0