Nigerian Scammers

I’ve been trying to sell my extra laptop for the past month.  I’ve been posting ads on craigslist and Facebook.  However, almost all of the responses I get are from Nigerian scammers.  I have a few options when dealing with scammers.  I either ignore them.  Or I pose as an interested buyer.  Or I simply call them out on it.

The image I used below is the first image I found when I searched for “grandma” on Google images with moderate filtering.  Maybe it’s this result just in Belize.  It is crude, but fitting nonetheless.

Between You and Sindri Joe

Sindri Joe February 25 at 1:01am

i am really interested in buying this item for my Grandson in west Africa as a Birthday gift and i will be offering you $570 including the shipping cost to west Africa kindly get back to me with your pay pal email address, so that i can send out the payment as soon as possible.
Thanks and Stay Bless

Christopher Wong February 25 at 9:43am

Your grandson? Wow. You can’t be more than 20 from your picture. You should really find a new picture that reflects your age.

Sindri Joe February 25 at 11:11am

what do you mean by that?

Christopher Wong February 25 at 10:56pm

If you’re going to pose as a grandmother, perhaps you should use a photo that doesn’t look like you’re 16 years old. Technically, it is possible at that age to be a grandmother, but highly improbably. Like one in a million if not worse odds. That’s like you having a child at 8 years old. And then having your child having a baby at 8 years old.

If you are that one in a million, I’ll send you my computer free of charge. You’ll need all the help you can get. That’s got to be psychologically and emotionally damaging.

However, I’m assuming you’re a male Nigerian scammer, who hasn’t had much luck scamming people via Facebook. The least you can do is use a picture of an actual grandmother. = FAIL

Delta Air Lines needs to hire some competent web programmers.  Part or all of their website does not work in Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome, and IE8.  I couldn’t check in via Firefox or Chrome.  I was able to get through most of it with IE8, but I couldn’t print the boarding passes.

Delta, can you please hire some people who know what they’re doing?  This is stupid.  I guess you support IE7 or and lower?  According to the latest browser statistics, IE7 and IE6 have about 46% market shared combined.  Even if you throw in IE8, that’s only 66% market share.  So you’re telling me, Delta, that your website doesn’t fully work with 54% of the people out there?  I’d understand if this were 2000 and you only worked with IE which had 90% market share.  But you can’t even work with IE8?

Get your act together, Delta.  Your website sucks!

Yahoo Pipes

I have all these different places where I blog or post pictures or whatever.  I was thinking I just need something that’ll aggregate all this information into one feed.  Of course I was thinking about this because of Facebook, since they accept one Blog/RSS feed.

Then I thought about Yahoo Pipes.  I’ve known about it, but never actually used it.  I think I have a pipe set up to go, except my feed on wasn’t set up correctly.  I was using the old rss link in WordPress which always caused summary view, rather than full view.  On top of that, it also didn’t include the publish date in the feed, which negates sorting all my posts by date in my Pipe.

Hopefully, this should all be fixed soon.  As soon as Feedburner updates my feed, it should be good to go.  All your Chris Wong content will be accessed through a single feed!

Or you could just use Friendfeed.  That works too.

New Site/New Feed

I’m going to be moving to WordPress (or maybe some other CMS) eventually.  I’ve been only blogging on the baby site lately I think because Windows Live Writer isn’t compatible with my website.  And rather than try to hack my site together to work with some publishing tool, I’m just going move to WordPress.  Eventually that is.  I need to write a conversion script for the site first.

On another note, I’m using feedburner to manage my feeds now.  That includes this site and my baby site. will automatically redirect to the feedburner feed.  This site however will not.  I’m too lazy to get all the proper redirection working.  So just update the feed.