I Hate You, Natty

So I’ve been running the Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 for the past month.  This latest Ubuntu has been far from stable, and I have no idea how they are going to release a stable version within a month.

So gnome 3 just got released, and I wanted to install it on my laptop.  I install the PPA and see there the warnings that there is no downgrade path.  I figure I could just Unity desktop anyways.  However gnome 3 hosed my machine.  Apparently, I don’t have hardware acceleration, although I did prior to installing it.  Not only did gnome 3 screw up gnome, it screwed up the Unity desktop as well.  So I just decided to reinstall Ubuntu from scratch.

The Ubuntu installer is suppose to have a more understandable installer.  From this Lifehacker article, you can see the install options.


The first option on my computer says “Erase Natty Narwhal and reinstall.”  I choose this option.  Notice the 3rd option will wipe everything, which I don’t want since I still want my Windows 7 installed.  Good.  Should be easy enough, right?

Ubuntu installs fine.  I restart and I don’t see the Windows 7 option in grub.  I’ll go fix that then.  Hmm…  Windows partition is gone.  Stupid Ubuntu installer used the whole disk rather than just my linux partition.  I chose “Erase Natty Narwhal and reinstall,” not “Erase everything.”  Why are you deleting my Windows partition?

I hate you, Natty.

Goodbye G1

Goodbye G1. You were good to me. But I’ve found someone new. You’re just not as lovely as my new attachment. You’re not as fast. In fact some might call you slow and ugly. But you will always have a special place in my heart.

Bing Sucks

Why would Bing suck?  For only one good reason, of course.  Vanity search.  Google got it right.  #2.  Yahoo is okay.   On the first page still.  Bing?  Why don’t you look up that silliness yourself.

What is all this?  You have repeat links.  You have Dr Christopher Wong as the number 2 result?   Have you tried clicking through links on that site?  It’s broken!  This is your number 2 result?  Really?  I can’t even make the first page, and the number 2 site is broken website?

Bing, you fail.  I own chriswong.com and chriswong.org.  That alone should hit me front page, but no.  What am I doing wrong?  Am I not posting enough?  Or maybe something else is wrong.  Microsoft, you are wrong.  Fix your search engine.

My Pimp (Google) Slapped Me

I’m gone on vacation.  I miss news for a couple of days. And now I read about Google pretty much killing custom ROMs for Android (at least for now).  What are you doing, Google?  I’m your b***h.  You’ve got me, okay?  I’m not going anywhere. But if you want me to enjoy having you as my pimp, don’t kill custom ROMs.  Don’t be stupid.  All you’re doing is angering some of your most diehard fans.  You want us to stay in your eco-system, not leave it.  Without a rooted ROMs, I have no reason to recommend any Android phone over the iPhone.  With it, I’m down with you, homey.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here are some links


Seriously, Google.  Don’t be stupid.   We already bought into your system.  You own us.  Don’t kill the best thing Android has going for it.

Reading this stuff makes me want to cry.  It’s like having your pimp loving you and giving you everything; all the nicest jewelry and cars.  And then he goes and slaps you for the first time.  That’s what Google did to me.  You slapped me, Google.  I feel betrayed.  I may forgive you, Google, but I won’t forget.

Delta.com = FAIL

Delta Air Lines needs to hire some competent web programmers.  Part or all of their website does not work in Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome, and IE8.  I couldn’t check in via Firefox or Chrome.  I was able to get through most of it with IE8, but I couldn’t print the boarding passes.

Delta, can you please hire some people who know what they’re doing?  This is stupid.  I guess you support IE7 or and lower?  According to the latest browser statistics, IE7 and IE6 have about 46% market shared combined.  Even if you throw in IE8, that’s only 66% market share.  So you’re telling me, Delta, that your website doesn’t fully work with 54% of the people out there?  I’d understand if this were 2000 and you only worked with IE which had 90% market share.  But you can’t even work with IE8?

Get your act together, Delta.  Your website sucks!

Yahoo Pipes

I have all these different places where I blog or post pictures or whatever.  I was thinking I just need something that’ll aggregate all this information into one feed.  Of course I was thinking about this because of Facebook, since they accept one Blog/RSS feed.

Then I thought about Yahoo Pipes.  I’ve known about it, but never actually used it.  I think I have a pipe set up to go, except my feed on chriswong.org wasn’t set up correctly.  I was using the old rss link in WordPress which always caused summary view, rather than full view.  On top of that, it also didn’t include the publish date in the feed, which negates sorting all my posts by date in my Pipe.

Hopefully, this should all be fixed soon.  As soon as Feedburner updates my feed, it should be good to go.  All your Chris Wong content will be accessed through a single feed!

Or you could just use Friendfeed.  That works too.

Native 64-bit Flash on Linux

One of the reasons that almost got me to switch back to 32-bit Ubuntu was the crappy Adobe Flash on 64-bit.  That was until the 64-bit alpha Flash player plugin got released.  I’ve been using the native 64-bit Flash player plugin for the past few months, and it’s worked quite well.  It’s much better than the npviewer/nswrapperplugin crap that all distros seem to default to.  The alpha refresh was released last week.