Anybody out there buy the new David Crowder Band album off of iTunes? I, being the sucker who still buys CDs instead online digital music (can't stand iTunes DRM), missed out on the bonus track for the iTunes album. Now I'm missing a song that I would like to have. Stupid iTunes. I got Rockbox installed on my iPod, and I will be iTunes free soon. Once I un-DRM all my songs… What a pain…

I am all setup with Windows Vista beta and Microsoft Office 2007 beta. And I must say Vista is pretty pretty. It runs a tad slow at times, and I already got the blue screen of death installing openvpn, but this OS is dang pretty. I dig the layout and the transparency. Everything looks cleaner. It does feel like beta software though. It's going to need some work. I like Office 2007. Totally changed interface, but much improved. It was way too freaking hard to try to find how to do things in the old Word, but now it's laid out more intuitively. Sorry for all you Word experts. Gonna have to learn a whole new interface. Nice though. I'm almost done with my C&MA app. I've been working on this thing for so long, but it's almost finally done. I can feel it.


I was reading Bill Simmon’s latest column, and I was thinking the same thing.

“Speaking of President Logan, what was the most shocking revelation this season —
that he knew about President Palmer’s death, or that he had a problem with
premature ejaculation?”


Well for now I’ve decided to keep my website the way it is. I have no ideas on what to do with it,
but I have received some suggestions for improving it. It appears to me the only we I can spice
up this website is by putting some graphics on it. Of course not just any graphics, but ascii art.
Why didn’t I think of this before? Of course.

	          |   |

Have any suggestions to improve my tree? Tell me.
More art to show up.