Crashing Mythbuntu [solved?]

Ever since I put Mythbuntu on my machine since 7.04, it’s been constantly locking up.  I had no idea why this was happening, but blamed it on MythTV anyways.  Just something that I’ll have to deal with.

But I may have solved the mysterious crashing.  I have a Streamzap remote control connected to my machine.  On the IR receiver, there’s a red light that goes on anytime it receives a signal, whether from the Streamzap remote or any other remote.  Obviously I only have it configured to respond to the Streamzap.

But there’s another thing that’s sending out infared.  My laptop.  On my Thinkpad, the infared is located on the front of the machine.  Sometimes downstairs I leave my computer on the counter which faces the TV.  Apparently Windows likes to constantly send out IR.  It’s trying to peg other machines to let them know it’s in range.

Well my Mythbuntu box picks up this signal.  I’ve noticed this for a while now, but didn’t think much of it since it really doesn’t bother anything except for when I’m trying to use the remote as well.

So after 3 successive lock ups in a row on my box, I noticed my Streamzap receiver picking the signal from my laptop.  So I just decided to block my IR port on my laptop.  After that my myth box stopped crashing.

Was that it?  Was the IR crashing my myth box or was it just a coincidence?  We’ll see how often it continues to lock up. 

Google’s *****

Google is my pimp.  Pretty much Google owns me right now.  And I don’t mind one bit.

Let’s see what products I use.  

My email is handled through Google Apps.  All my documents are now on Google Docs. I never used a calendaring system before I started using Google Calendar.  I use Google Reader for my feeds, and besides email, that’s probably my most visited site.  I dropped webalizer for Google Analytics.  And now I’m using Google Chrome as my primary browser.  Coming up, I’ll have a good chance at getting an Android phone.  And then of course I only use Google search.

Thankfully, all of these services are free.

Google owns me and I’m totally fine with it.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is now my default web browser.  At least for the next week.  We’ll see how I like it for the time being.  It’s hard to go away from Firefox and the addons that I love to use.  But we’ll see how it goes.

I like it so far.  Like the tabbed home page, the fast browsing (especially the fast javascript engine).  I like the application creation.  Although I was already doing this with Mozilla Prism, it’s much easier within Chrome.  Omnibox is nice.  Download box is nice.  All the simplicity/integration stuff is nice.

Things I don’t like so far?  WebKit engine is fast, but it doesn’t work with our editor.  Well, I guess that’s our fault for not supporting it, but we’re not doing anything out of the totally crazy (jQuery, tinymce, other DOM stuff).  I’m sure there are other websites that might be messed up with the WebKit engine, but that’s life.

Biggest thing I miss from Firefox is the addons.  There is a DOM inspector, but nothing as good as Firebug.

Let’s just say I won’t be uninstalling Firefox any time soon.  I have IE8 beta 2 and Google Chrome to test.  I only lasted a couple days with IE8 before going back to Firefox.  I wonder how long I’ll last with Chrome.

Diddy: Lower oil prices so I can fly on private jet

Diddy. Puff Daddy. P. Diddy.  Puffy…  Whatever you want to call this fool is an idiot.

First off, the AP sucks for actually bothering to report this garbage.  And the garbage that’s reported goes to show that some people shouldn’t have a lot of money.

People are struggling to pay for gas for their cars, and this idiot wants to complain about how he has to fly first class instead of flying his own chartered jet.  Oh no!  The travesty of it all!

Please, people. For the next President of the United States, vote for man/woman who is going to bring the gas prices down.  We can not allow this to be happening, where Diddy is forced to struggle through life in first class.  This should not be happening.

Media Sucks

This is why the mainstream media sucks.

If you read the article, it talks about how a 9-year old boy named Jericho Scott got banned from his youth baseball league cause he pitches too fast.  Now that sucks and all.  But the boy does in fact throw hard and is probably too good for this particular league.

From the article you feel some pity for the boy, and you get mad at the league for banning a kid for being too good.

But really think about this.  Think about it from the perspective from the other kids and parents.  As a parent would you really want your child to be batting against this boy.  As another kid facing Jericho, how depressing is it to have to face him time and time again.

From my perspective, the league did exactly what it should have done.  And that’s protect the rest of the kids from this boy.  Not just for their safety, but to protect their enjoyment for the game. There are more advanced leagues for him to play in.  It’s like watching Adam Sandler in Billy Madison playing dodgeball with the little kids.

The way AP tries to bend this story is stupid.  It’s a catchy headline and one to make you feel sorry for this kid.  I don’t.

Dumbest Review Ever?

We’re going out of town this weekend.  Well… more like staying in a hotel in Anaheim.  Still it’s out of our house.  And we’re going to celebrate Yvonne’s 30th birthday.  Yup.  My wife is old.

I was looking up restaurants to eat near our hotel.  I looked up Google maps to see close restaurants, and it pointed to this one review for Catal Restaurant & Uva Bar.  The first line caught my attention.

** I will be AVOIDING this restaurant until they remove RABBIT from the menu. What an antiquated idea for dinner. Rabbits are intelligent, affectionate, trainable (yes, litter pans etc.) creatures if given the chance by responsible pet owners. They are as much of a part of the family for many as a cat or a dog. Would you eat your cat/dog? Think about it! *

Yes, I would eat my cat or dog if that was acceptable in our culture.  Cats and dogs are delicacies in other countries.  And eating rabbit is, as far as I know, is acceptable in America.  Chickens are pets to some families.  Should we stop eating chicken?  Pigs are part of the family too.  Have you seen Babe?  Should I stop eating bacon?

The premise of avoiding a restaurant because they rabbit on the menu is ridiculous.  You might as well avoid all meat eating places, cause someone somewhere has that animal you’re eating for a pet. 

Now please stop eating pets!  Please!  Think of the children! Verdict: FAIL

So if you know me, I like to keep track of where my name is when searching it among different search engines.  So whenever a new search engine pops up, say on Techcrunch, I like to do a real test on it.  So just got released last night, and it's getting hyped to be have the "biggest" search index on the web.  Now really? Let's see how you do when it matters most.

Where is my site?  I can even find it.  Not the first result.  Not even the first few pages can I be found.  There's more results for a female poker player than for me.  Grade: FAIL

Of course I check these new sites, I have to revisit the old ones.  Pretty much the only real search engines that matter now are Google, Yahoo, and maybe  Sorry.  You stink.  You have chriswhong site in front of me.  Pitiful.  AltaVista?  Do you even still exist?  You do have me as the first result, so that says something good about you.  Wikia?  That's been lame since it was launched.  Let's just use the good search engines.  Consistent and still the best.  First result.  Grade: A I doubt the piss poor executives and poor management have something to do with this, but I'm going to blame them anyways.  I don't show up until page 3.  In fact the lame which only has 2 sentences on the whole page/site is the third result.  Really?  And it just forwards to some John Hopkins personal page.  That's so weak, Yahoo.  No wonder your board is about to get booted.  Fire Jerry Yang.  Grade: D-  These guys have always been good, even though they don't get much traffic.  It's too bad that Microsoft has totally mismanaged the web space.  But I'm going to give them their props. is first result, but that's fine with me.  That site does get much more traffic than mine.  Still am the second result.  Grade: A-


Laker “Fans” = Fake

I posted a long comment in reply to Phil's post.  I felt it deserved it's own post on my page.  Enjoy.

You should know by now, almost all Laker "fans" are fairweather fans.  There are only a few true "fans" out there who really follow the team.  Out of the 15+ million people living the the LA area, you're bound to have some real fans there.

Now I have no problem with fairweather fans.  That just comes with the territory with winning teams.  My problem with so-called Laker fans is not that they're fairweather fans.  My problem is that they're fairweather fans and they claim to be die-hard Laker fans.  "I've been a fan since Showtime Lakers."  Oh really?  Where were you during the Randy Pfund years?  More likely you're asking "who's Randy Pfund?"  What really pissed me off is when all these Laker "fans" turned on Magic Johnson back in '96 after he got them into the playoffs.  He saved the Lakers season, and when they lose to the defending champions they kick him to the curb?

Laker "fans" are possibly the worst fans in sports.  They don't realize that they are fairweather fans.  They can't even show up to the Finals on time.  In a must win situation like game 3 was, your fans need to show up before the second quarter.

And please, Phil.  Don't give these "fans" any excuses about being drained for the past few years.  The Lakers have won 14 championships, 3 in the past 8 years.  They almost pulled off one of the memorable upsets in the past few years.  And they still have Kobe Bryant.  Laker fans have no excuse to not be cheering for this team ardently.

Now I would consider myself a real Bucks fan.  I remember hailing Todd Day back in the '92 draft as the savior our franchise.  I've lived through the drafts of Vin Baker and Shawn Respert.  I saw the Bucks trade away Dirk Nowitski for Robert freakin' Traylor.  We've only been to the playoffs 6 times in the past 17 years.  (Many Laker "fans," by the way, were wanting to miss the playoffs back in '93 so they could get a good draft pick.  Spoiled brats.)  I'm living off a single good season in the past 17 years.

Bucks fans have a right to feel drained.  Hawks fans have a right to feel drained.  Clippers fans have a right to feel drained.  Laker fans have no business in the drainage business.  They enjoyed success year after year, yet the "fans" don't show up.  That's cause Laker "fans" just like Hollywood.  Fake.

I Hate the Lakers

Chris ( Woodland Hills, CA ) : How can you say KOBE BRYANT at age 29 with (possible) 4 rings and counting and averaging around 30-6-6 over the past 4-5 seasons ISNT already in the top 5 all-time,???? he doesnt get enough props for what hes done with a medicore team, thats plagued with injuries every season!

SportsNation Bill Simmons: (12:48 PM ET ) The Laker fans conveniently forget that Kobe was a GRADE-A CANCER from 2001-2006. Hell, he was having probs with Shaq as far back as 1999. Of the 25 greatest players ever – and he's one of them – he was by far the worst teammate over the course of his career. Just because he's settled down and embraced things principles like "not showing up guys on the court" and "not being a jerk" doesn't change what happened from 2001-06.