You Lied to Me, McDonalds!!!


Back a few years ago, I remember McDonalds having their “McRib Farewell Tour.”  According to press releases they were going to remove the McRib permanently from their menu.

Some of you may know that I actually enjoy eating this abomination of a food item.  So during that farewell tour, I made sure to eat some of my last McRibs ever.  Or so I thought.

I see posters lined up across McDonalds.  I see billboards promoting the McRib.  This is outrageous.  You give the McRib a farewell tour and lie to me about permanently removing the McRib, but don’t do it.  I’m glad it’s back, but I’m not glad you lied to me.

Image reused under Creative Commons license / CC BY-NC 2.0

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