Bing Sucks

Why would Bing suck?  For only one good reason, of course.  Vanity search.  Google got it right.  #2.  Yahoo is okay.   On the first page still.  Bing?  Why don’t you look up that silliness yourself.

What is all this?  You have repeat links.  You have Dr Christopher Wong as the number 2 result?   Have you tried clicking through links on that site?  It’s broken!  This is your number 2 result?  Really?  I can’t even make the first page, and the number 2 site is broken website?

Bing, you fail.  I own and  That alone should hit me front page, but no.  What am I doing wrong?  Am I not posting enough?  Or maybe something else is wrong.  Microsoft, you are wrong.  Fix your search engine.

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