Delta Air Lines needs to hire some competent web programmers.  Part or all of their website does not work in Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome, and IE8.  I couldn’t check in via Firefox or Chrome.  I was able to get through most of it with IE8, but I couldn’t print the boarding passes.

Delta, can you please hire some people who know what they’re doing?  This is stupid.  I guess you support IE7 or and lower?  According to the latest browser statistics, IE7 and IE6 have about 46% market shared combined.  Even if you throw in IE8, that’s only 66% market share.  So you’re telling me, Delta, that your website doesn’t fully work with 54% of the people out there?  I’d understand if this were 2000 and you only worked with IE which had 90% market share.  But you can’t even work with IE8?

Get your act together, Delta.  Your website sucks!