Yahoo Pipes

I have all these different places where I blog or post pictures or whatever.  I was thinking I just need something that’ll aggregate all this information into one feed.  Of course I was thinking about this because of Facebook, since they accept one Blog/RSS feed.

Then I thought about Yahoo Pipes.  I’ve known about it, but never actually used it.  I think I have a pipe set up to go, except my feed on wasn’t set up correctly.  I was using the old rss link in WordPress which always caused summary view, rather than full view.  On top of that, it also didn’t include the publish date in the feed, which negates sorting all my posts by date in my Pipe.

Hopefully, this should all be fixed soon.  As soon as Feedburner updates my feed, it should be good to go.  All your Chris Wong content will be accessed through a single feed!

Or you could just use Friendfeed.  That works too.

The Ice Cream Scam!

I love ice cream.  Yvonne loves ice cream.  We’ve eaten quite a bit of it since we’ve been together.  But did you know that the ice cream companies are ripping us off?!  It’s a scam that ALL the companies have perpetrated against us.

Take a look at the ice cream section of the supermarket.  You’ll see your regular big containers of ice cream, but there’s something different.  Do they look a little smaller to you?  Well you may not have noticed, but they are.  For decades the ice cream containers were 2 quarts in size.  A couple years ago Yvonne noticed at the market that the ice cream containers were different sizes.  You look closely, and it showed 1.75 quarts on the container.  1.75?   Now you may normally not notice this, but there were still some 2 quart containers in the freezer, so you can obviously see the difference and the change these companies were starting to make.

Now the containers are 1.5 quarts.  But not only are they making the containers smaller, but they’re raising the prices of the ice cream as well!  Higher prices, less ice cream.  And it’s not just Dreyers or Breyers, but every other company is doing this as well.  Have you heard of Deluxe ice cream?  Neither have I.  1.5 quarts!  They’re all like that.  More money, less food. 

That should be all the ice companies new slogan.  “More money, less food.”  I hate you, guys.  Yet you make such a delicious product.

Native 64-bit Flash on Linux

One of the reasons that almost got me to switch back to 32-bit Ubuntu was the crappy Adobe Flash on 64-bit.  That was until the 64-bit alpha Flash player plugin got released.  I’ve been using the native 64-bit Flash player plugin for the past few months, and it’s worked quite well.  It’s much better than the npviewer/nswrapperplugin crap that all distros seem to default to.  The alpha refresh was released last week.