Google Voice Voicemail Transcript

So Google Voice’s transcript isn’t perfect.  Well, sometimes it’s flat out bad.  First off I have no clue what this is saying.  I understand it’s not great at transcribing the voicemail, but I usually get the gist of the message.  But this transcript is not even close. 

hey matt it’s me so i found a ken doll on my way out to them on to go pick up she lives in flynn arson carson went and guard so we haven’t been there in time leaving them on that all of that and i guess i’ll talk to them up at your sense that i didn’t hear from you i was gonna ask you if you wanted to stop by home really quickly travel more if you want me to drop them off to church in yeah man picked up your phone i will try to drop them off at church right now i’d i 55 okay talk to you later bye

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