He’s Alive!

This is exactly what we were talking about at work a few days ago.

From Bill Simmon’s mailbag:

Q: If Michael Jackson’s memorial had ended with him jumping out of the casket and performing "Thriller," would that have been the best moment in television history? I think so.
— Rick, New York

SG: Yes! One-hundred times over, yes! I will go one step further: Once I found out his body would be at the ceremony, part of me was sitting there for two hours thinking, "He’s gonna jump out of the casket. He’s gonna jump out of the casket." Can you name another celebrity in our lifetimes who would provoke this reaction? We are talking about a scenario in which A DEAD GUY WOULD HAVE JUMPED OUT OF A CASKET AND STARTED SINGING, and I wouldn’t have been totally surprised by this. Hell, I was a little disappointed when the ceremony ended. Crap. I guess he’s really dead.

(Ladies and gentlemen, the Michael Jackson Era! We will never see anything quite like it again. And maybe that’s for the best.)

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