Picasa, Flickr & Photo Galleries

This is the one area in my life where Google doesn’t own me.  Online photo gallery.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I love Picasa and Picasa web.  But there is one thing about them that prevents me from using it and that is storage space.  1 gig is all they offer for free.  1 gig?!?  Do you realize that I have over 45 gigs of pictures?  So 1 gig is good for a free service.  You know how much it costs to upgrade the storage?  For 10 gigs it’s $20 a year, which still wouldn’t be enough to store my photos.  For 40 gigs it’s $75 a year, which yet again wouldn’t store all my photos.  For 150 gigs, it costs $250.  $250 a year to store my photos if I were to use them.  What’s worse about this storage upgrade is that it shares that store with Gmail as well.  So if you have 1 gig worth of email, like I do, then you have 1 gig less of storage for photos.  Picasa web…  Not worth the money.

Flickr, in my opinion, is a much better option.  The free version is kind of limited, but it works well.  But for a mere $25 a year, you get unlimited storage, unlimited uploads, unlimited bandwidth, etc…  So if I wanted to store my photos here, it’ll cost my $25 a year.  That’s a tenth of the price for me than Picasa.  The features of Picasa and Flickr are different, and I think Picasa is better.  But that storage absolutely is dog doo doo.  This would be a no brainer for me…  if it weren’t for my stupid internet connection.

Do you realize that I still only have 1.5 Mbps / 384 Kbps DSL?  Do you know that’s the fastest speed I can get at my house?  Yes, there is cable internet here.  But if you know me and Charter, then you know that’s not an option. So let’s do a little calculation here on how long it would take to transfer.

In reality I really only get about 35 KB/s max upload rate.  I normally limit the upload rate to 25KB/s so it doesn’t kill my connection.  45 GB = 45,000,000 KB.  With my connection maxed out, it would take me over 357 hours to finish or almost 15 days to finish transferring my photos.  With my upload rate capped, it would take 500 hours, or 20.8 days to finish transferring my pictures.   Now if I had FiOS and my 15 Mb uplink, I’d be able to finish that transfer in 400 minutes, or just under 7 hours.  Who needs FiOS?  I do.

Where is my FiOS, Verizon?  I have been waiting patiently for years for you to come to my house, and you are still not here!  Come now!

Google Voice Voicemail Transcript

So Google Voice’s transcript isn’t perfect.  Well, sometimes it’s flat out bad.  First off I have no clue what this is saying.  I understand it’s not great at transcribing the voicemail, but I usually get the gist of the message.  But this transcript is not even close. 

hey matt it’s me so i found a ken doll on my way out to them on to go pick up she lives in flynn arson carson went and guard so we haven’t been there in time leaving them on that all of that and i guess i’ll talk to them up at your sense that i didn’t hear from you i was gonna ask you if you wanted to stop by home really quickly travel more if you want me to drop them off to church in yeah man picked up your phone i will try to drop them off at church right now i’d i 55 okay talk to you later bye

He’s Alive!

This is exactly what we were talking about at work a few days ago.

From Bill Simmon’s mailbag:

Q: If Michael Jackson’s memorial had ended with him jumping out of the casket and performing "Thriller," would that have been the best moment in television history? I think so.
— Rick, New York

SG: Yes! One-hundred times over, yes! I will go one step further: Once I found out his body would be at the ceremony, part of me was sitting there for two hours thinking, "He’s gonna jump out of the casket. He’s gonna jump out of the casket." Can you name another celebrity in our lifetimes who would provoke this reaction? We are talking about a scenario in which A DEAD GUY WOULD HAVE JUMPED OUT OF A CASKET AND STARTED SINGING, and I wouldn’t have been totally surprised by this. Hell, I was a little disappointed when the ceremony ended. Crap. I guess he’s really dead.

(Ladies and gentlemen, the Michael Jackson Era! We will never see anything quite like it again. And maybe that’s for the best.)