Trackball Lube

I actually went and cleaned my trackball today.  I was working with some thermal grease and it got on my trackball.  So I decided to clean the ball the innards that hold it.  It’s been a while since I last cleaned it.

So after cleaning it, it was all sticky, like it was still dirty.  So I kept cleaning it.  And cleaning.  And cleaning.  And it was still sticky.

Then I searched and found this post.

Using my forehead as lube.  Brilliant.  I have a lot of that on my face.  And voila.  My trackball works great again.

Feedburner feed

I made some changes to the feed.  You don’t need to update the rss feed now.  I have it redirecting to feedburner properly now.  Hopefully feedburner can properly get my feed.  Of course eventually might stop working when I move my site over to WordPress, but I guess I can make that still work anyways.

New Site/New Feed

I’m going to be moving to WordPress (or maybe some other CMS) eventually.  I’ve been only blogging on the baby site lately I think because Windows Live Writer isn’t compatible with my website.  And rather than try to hack my site together to work with some publishing tool, I’m just going move to WordPress.  Eventually that is.  I need to write a conversion script for the site first.

On another note, I’m using feedburner to manage my feeds now.  That includes this site and my baby site. will automatically redirect to the feedburner feed.  This site however will not.  I’m too lazy to get all the proper redirection working.  So just update the feed.