More Googleness

I’m locked into Google.  I got my G1, and I’m connected to Google all the time now.  My primary broser is Google Chrome, and it probably will be for the foreseeable future (of course foreseeing the future in browser technology is a very small window).  Mail goes through Google Apps.  Still the only search engine I use.  Google Reader.  Google Calendar.  They own me.

The one thing that is holding back Google from completely owning me is Picasaweb.  The Picasa program is great.  Online storage…  Sucks.  1 gig of storage?  That’s it?  It costs $75/year for 40 gigs of space.  But why pay that if I can get unlimited with flickr for $25/year?  Picasaweb doesn’t allow uploaded photos over 1600×1200 (or at least it didn’t before).  Google needs to revamp that cost if it ever wants to totally own me.

But latest Google thing I have to talk about is Experimental search.  There are keyboard shortcuts!  How did I not know about this?

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