Crashing Mythbuntu [solved?]

Ever since I put Mythbuntu on my machine since 7.04, it’s been constantly locking up.  I had no idea why this was happening, but blamed it on MythTV anyways.  Just something that I’ll have to deal with.

But I may have solved the mysterious crashing.  I have a Streamzap remote control connected to my machine.  On the IR receiver, there’s a red light that goes on anytime it receives a signal, whether from the Streamzap remote or any other remote.  Obviously I only have it configured to respond to the Streamzap.

But there’s another thing that’s sending out infared.  My laptop.  On my Thinkpad, the infared is located on the front of the machine.  Sometimes downstairs I leave my computer on the counter which faces the TV.  Apparently Windows likes to constantly send out IR.  It’s trying to peg other machines to let them know it’s in range.

Well my Mythbuntu box picks up this signal.  I’ve noticed this for a while now, but didn’t think much of it since it really doesn’t bother anything except for when I’m trying to use the remote as well.

So after 3 successive lock ups in a row on my box, I noticed my Streamzap receiver picking the signal from my laptop.  So I just decided to block my IR port on my laptop.  After that my myth box stopped crashing.

Was that it?  Was the IR crashing my myth box or was it just a coincidence?  We’ll see how often it continues to lock up. 

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