Google Chrome

Google Chrome is now my default web browser.  At least for the next week.  We’ll see how I like it for the time being.  It’s hard to go away from Firefox and the addons that I love to use.  But we’ll see how it goes.

I like it so far.  Like the tabbed home page, the fast browsing (especially the fast javascript engine).  I like the application creation.  Although I was already doing this with Mozilla Prism, it’s much easier within Chrome.  Omnibox is nice.  Download box is nice.  All the simplicity/integration stuff is nice.

Things I don’t like so far?  WebKit engine is fast, but it doesn’t work with our editor.  Well, I guess that’s our fault for not supporting it, but we’re not doing anything out of the totally crazy (jQuery, tinymce, other DOM stuff).  I’m sure there are other websites that might be messed up with the WebKit engine, but that’s life.

Biggest thing I miss from Firefox is the addons.  There is a DOM inspector, but nothing as good as Firebug.

Let’s just say I won’t be uninstalling Firefox any time soon.  I have IE8 beta 2 and Google Chrome to test.  I only lasted a couple days with IE8 before going back to Firefox.  I wonder how long I’ll last with Chrome.

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