Media Sucks

This is why the mainstream media sucks.

If you read the article, it talks about how a 9-year old boy named Jericho Scott got banned from his youth baseball league cause he pitches too fast.  Now that sucks and all.  But the boy does in fact throw hard and is probably too good for this particular league.

From the article you feel some pity for the boy, and you get mad at the league for banning a kid for being too good.

But really think about this.  Think about it from the perspective from the other kids and parents.  As a parent would you really want your child to be batting against this boy.  As another kid facing Jericho, how depressing is it to have to face him time and time again.

From my perspective, the league did exactly what it should have done.  And that’s protect the rest of the kids from this boy.  Not just for their safety, but to protect their enjoyment for the game. There are more advanced leagues for him to play in.  It’s like watching Adam Sandler in Billy Madison playing dodgeball with the little kids.

The way AP tries to bend this story is stupid.  It’s a catchy headline and one to make you feel sorry for this kid.  I don’t.

Dumbest Review Ever?

We’re going out of town this weekend.  Well… more like staying in a hotel in Anaheim.  Still it’s out of our house.  And we’re going to celebrate Yvonne’s 30th birthday.  Yup.  My wife is old.

I was looking up restaurants to eat near our hotel.  I looked up Google maps to see close restaurants, and it pointed to this one review for Catal Restaurant & Uva Bar.  The first line caught my attention.

** I will be AVOIDING this restaurant until they remove RABBIT from the menu. What an antiquated idea for dinner. Rabbits are intelligent, affectionate, trainable (yes, litter pans etc.) creatures if given the chance by responsible pet owners. They are as much of a part of the family for many as a cat or a dog. Would you eat your cat/dog? Think about it! *

Yes, I would eat my cat or dog if that was acceptable in our culture.  Cats and dogs are delicacies in other countries.  And eating rabbit is, as far as I know, is acceptable in America.  Chickens are pets to some families.  Should we stop eating chicken?  Pigs are part of the family too.  Have you seen Babe?  Should I stop eating bacon?

The premise of avoiding a restaurant because they rabbit on the menu is ridiculous.  You might as well avoid all meat eating places, cause someone somewhere has that animal you’re eating for a pet. 

Now please stop eating pets!  Please!  Think of the children!