Verdict: FAIL

So if you know me, I like to keep track of where my name is when searching it among different search engines.  So whenever a new search engine pops up, say on Techcrunch, I like to do a real test on it.  So just got released last night, and it's getting hyped to be have the "biggest" search index on the web.  Now really? Let's see how you do when it matters most.

Where is my site?  I can even find it.  Not the first result.  Not even the first few pages can I be found.  There's more results for a female poker player than for me.  Grade: FAIL

Of course I check these new sites, I have to revisit the old ones.  Pretty much the only real search engines that matter now are Google, Yahoo, and maybe  Sorry.  You stink.  You have chriswhong site in front of me.  Pitiful.  AltaVista?  Do you even still exist?  You do have me as the first result, so that says something good about you.  Wikia?  That's been lame since it was launched.  Let's just use the good search engines.  Consistent and still the best.  First result.  Grade: A I doubt the piss poor executives and poor management have something to do with this, but I'm going to blame them anyways.  I don't show up until page 3.  In fact the lame which only has 2 sentences on the whole page/site is the third result.  Really?  And it just forwards to some John Hopkins personal page.  That's so weak, Yahoo.  No wonder your board is about to get booted.  Fire Jerry Yang.  Grade: D-  These guys have always been good, even though they don't get much traffic.  It's too bad that Microsoft has totally mismanaged the web space.  But I'm going to give them their props. is first result, but that's fine with me.  That site does get much more traffic than mine.  Still am the second result.  Grade: A-


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