Laker “Fans” = Fake

I posted a long comment in reply to Phil's post.  I felt it deserved it's own post on my page.  Enjoy.

You should know by now, almost all Laker "fans" are fairweather fans.  There are only a few true "fans" out there who really follow the team.  Out of the 15+ million people living the the LA area, you're bound to have some real fans there.

Now I have no problem with fairweather fans.  That just comes with the territory with winning teams.  My problem with so-called Laker fans is not that they're fairweather fans.  My problem is that they're fairweather fans and they claim to be die-hard Laker fans.  "I've been a fan since Showtime Lakers."  Oh really?  Where were you during the Randy Pfund years?  More likely you're asking "who's Randy Pfund?"  What really pissed me off is when all these Laker "fans" turned on Magic Johnson back in '96 after he got them into the playoffs.  He saved the Lakers season, and when they lose to the defending champions they kick him to the curb?

Laker "fans" are possibly the worst fans in sports.  They don't realize that they are fairweather fans.  They can't even show up to the Finals on time.  In a must win situation like game 3 was, your fans need to show up before the second quarter.

And please, Phil.  Don't give these "fans" any excuses about being drained for the past few years.  The Lakers have won 14 championships, 3 in the past 8 years.  They almost pulled off one of the memorable upsets in the past few years.  And they still have Kobe Bryant.  Laker fans have no excuse to not be cheering for this team ardently.

Now I would consider myself a real Bucks fan.  I remember hailing Todd Day back in the '92 draft as the savior our franchise.  I've lived through the drafts of Vin Baker and Shawn Respert.  I saw the Bucks trade away Dirk Nowitski for Robert freakin' Traylor.  We've only been to the playoffs 6 times in the past 17 years.  (Many Laker "fans," by the way, were wanting to miss the playoffs back in '93 so they could get a good draft pick.  Spoiled brats.)  I'm living off a single good season in the past 17 years.

Bucks fans have a right to feel drained.  Hawks fans have a right to feel drained.  Clippers fans have a right to feel drained.  Laker fans have no business in the drainage business.  They enjoyed success year after year, yet the "fans" don't show up.  That's cause Laker "fans" just like Hollywood.  Fake.

I Hate the Lakers

Chris ( Woodland Hills, CA ) : How can you say KOBE BRYANT at age 29 with (possible) 4 rings and counting and averaging around 30-6-6 over the past 4-5 seasons ISNT already in the top 5 all-time,???? he doesnt get enough props for what hes done with a medicore team, thats plagued with injuries every season!

SportsNation Bill Simmons: (12:48 PM ET ) The Laker fans conveniently forget that Kobe was a GRADE-A CANCER from 2001-2006. Hell, he was having probs with Shaq as far back as 1999. Of the 25 greatest players ever – and he's one of them – he was by far the worst teammate over the course of his career. Just because he's settled down and embraced things principles like "not showing up guys on the court" and "not being a jerk" doesn't change what happened from 2001-06.

Laker Fans

Other People understand my hatred for Laker fans.

Rich (Bayonne, NJ): I hear you Bill, I am surrounded by Laker fans in NJ at both of my jobs! Laker fans are like Kobe, the biggest front runners in the league!!! Hey since you live in LA, do Laker fans arrive only 30 minutes after tip off instead of 45 minutes since it's the Finals!!!

SportsNation Bill Simmons: (12:37 PM ET ) The Laker fans with good seats arrive in the second quarter or late in the first quarter. It's just a fact. They get a bad rap for their cheering during the game – they do know when to cheer and how to affect a game – but the tardiness is unacceptable. it's also worth mentioning that they booed their hero Kobe on Opening Night. Would the Boston fans have ever booed Bird in a million years?????????

Laker Flags

DC (Los Angeles, CA): Is it just me, or do you fight the urge to careen into any Lincoln Navigator, rolling down the 405, with at least 2 Lakers flags flying from the window? I swear I saw a car with six flags on it the other day. I'm still trying to figure out how it was even possible! If not for the fear of a Tupac/Biggie-like demise, I think any non-Lakers fan should at least be flipping off these people as we pass them.

SportsNation Bill Simmons: (12:24 PM ET ) The Laker flags are one of the 10 worst things about living in LA – I even have them ranked above forest fires. I know people from New England hate the Lakers, but you'd hate them 5X more if you lived out here. Trust me.