I watched the series finale yesterday of the Sopranos.  I actually at the ratings at TV.com for the last episode to see how other people liked it.  6.5 it read.  6.5.  Oh man.  Great.  Another disappointment from this show.

I started watching the Sopranos at the end of 2001.  I breezed through the first 3 seasons in no time flat, and I got hooked.  Season 4 was good, but it was no way as good as the first 3 seasons.  During those early seasons I enjoyed the bloodbath and violence of the show.  And those scenes in particular were what really moved me.  But then in the latter seasons, it got all tame as far as that goes.  It was just a lot of talk, and a lot of setup for big scenes, but no payoff.  Very few big guys got whacked.  Season 5 and the beginning of season 6 just seemed like a big waste of time.

But I HAD to keep watching.  This show for me is like Alias to Dave.  We can't stop watching.  It's GOING to payoff.  It has to.  Last season ever, it's got to finish with a bang, right?

The second to last episode was so juicy.  That was possibly one of the best episodes ever.  Maybe cause of the fact that nothing happened for so long.  And maybe because all these big characters got killed.  Or maybe it was just that good.  Everything was set up for a big finish in the finale.

And then…

A Black Screen. 

You know what…  I actually liked that ending.  I was shocked at first when I saw it.  But the more and more I think about it, the more I enjoy it.  It really summed up what I had been watching the past 6 years.  You never know what was going to happen on that show, and that's exactly what I was left with.  Not knowing what was going to happen.  I was expecting a big bang, and I didn't get it.  But man…  I really enjoyed it.  I thought I'd be disappointed with an ending like that, I'm not.  I find that pretty weird.

Now I just have to wait for the Wired to come back on.  Last season for that show too.  I expect that to go out with a bang as well.  But every season of the Wire has been great.  None of those seasons have let me down like the Sopranos did. 


I got this link from Bill Simmons latest article.  Best Fight Scene Ever.

 • Luke from Richmond: "If you have a YouTube account, check out this clip from a movie called 'Undefeatable.' (Note: the clip can only be accessed by 'mature users' for some reason but it's totally fine.) I had to cover my mouth I started laughing so hard at work. Its pretty high on unintentional comedy. One of the best slow motion punches ever."