I know there are people who get a lot more spam than I do.  But the amount of spam I'm getting monthly is grown drastically over the past 6 months.  I'm currently getting over 3000 spams a month, and those are the ones that get through spamassassin.  Spamassassin the past 10 days has marked 1491 emails as spam.  That's about 7500 spams a month.  Amazing.

What's making things worse is this other Chris Wong in Hong Kong who's using my email address.  I hate you!!!  Stop using my email address.  And I know this fool is using my email address.  I have chriswong account at gmail.  If you didn't know about gmail, you can add dots to your email address and it'll still work.   So chris.wong or even ch.riswong or whatever will work.  Now I never use the dots, but someone else is.  I've gotten so many emails for this chris.wong fella.  Personal emails.  Not just spam and nonsense.  I've gotten replies for job applications.  Like real ones.  Not fake ones.  I got a email from his dad!  And what's making things worse now is that I'm getting all this spam from chris.wong.  I hate you Chris Wong in Hong Kong!!!  Stop using my email address!!!

What's worse is this guy has even emailed me from other accounts, with messages like "test".  Hello?!?  Not your account!  Go away!  Yet hear I am still getting his email.

I'm going to start posting his personal emails up when I get them.  I haven't gotten personal emails lately, but they still come around every once in a while.  Apparently he's just using it for spam now.  Punk *** ******* ****  ******.  I hate you!!!

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