Bill Simmons latest mailbag column: 

Q: We have to give it up for K-Fed. Yeah, he's getting a divorce. Yeah, he left his pregnant girlfriend. And yeah, he looks like a rat. But he turned a career as a greasy backup dancer who probably had nothing but his expenses paid for into half of Britney's fortune, a record deal, mainstream celebrity status and is now fighting John Cena in a WWE ring. This would be like me going to a Sixers' game, nailing the half-court shot at halftime and then securing a $40 million, five-year deal from Billy King to be an "ambassador" for the organization.
–Pete, Stoney Creek, Ontario

SG: I couldn't agree more. You know, we make fun of K-Fed, but if this was one of your friends, wouldn't you be high-fiving him right now? Three years ago, he had no career and no life … now he's a multimillionaire with a record contract, and he can say he was married to Britney Spears and even had two kids with her that she gets to support. And if that's not enough, she's paying HIM alimony. And we're calling this guy a LOSER? He's a winner, I say.

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