The Little Mermaid Special Edition is coming out October 3.  And it got me thinking again about that stupid movie.  Now I like the music in the Little Mermaid.  Shoot, I even know the lyrics to most of the songs.  But that story is just ridiculous.  You can read some more about it on my previous postings.

Anyways, earlier this year Yvonne and I were at Solvang, CA.  In the city, they had a Hans Christian Anderson museum, and we went in.  And there, I saw the Little Mermaid.  I had no idea who had written it until then.  For those of you who don't know who Hans Christian Anderson is (like I didn't before), he was a fairy tale writer.  And if you didn't know, fairy tales back then weren't written for purely entertainment, but for moral teaching.

That got me thinking…  Disney's the Little Mermaid definitely had no moral story.  So I was interested in what was suppose to happen.  In the Disney version, the evil bad octopus lady dies.  The king gives her daughter away.  Ariel gets her man.  The prince gets his fish, and they get married.  (Of course I'm sure they get divorced soon after.  How often does a 16 year old fish find the love of her life without even knowing who he is?)  It is a happy ending.  Although this story teaches nothing to children.  It teaches them to be disobedient and in the end, you get what you think you want.  Pure crap.

Now go read the original story. You know what happens at the end?

Ariel DIES!  That's right folks.  She dies.  She has a chance to save herself by killing the prince in the end, but she doesn't.  She sacrifices herself to save the prince.  Now that's a story!   Stupid Disney.  Always ruining everything.