I was browsing through myspace, and I found this on bulletin board from laisa.
Here’s a sample of her response. Check out the favorite song.

Favorite Color: gray, black, teal
Favorite Food: anything thts good!
Favorite month: dont have one
Favorite Song: all my life – kc & jojo
Favorite Sport: tennis/volleyball
Favorite Season: winter
Favorite Day Of the Week: sunday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: strawberry cheesecake
Favorite Time of Day: evening


I just returned from Pittsburgh last night. It was pretty good there. Unlike
previous times at the NYWC, I went to very few seminars. Before I would always
try to go to as many seminars as I can, trying to get as much information as
possible. But it’s different this year. After 4 years, I’ve been to most of
the relevant seminars, and now I feel I don’t *need* to go to them. So I didn’t.
I went to two seminars this year. Marriage and ministry: Keeping your marriage
healthy and balanced. I went with Yvonne, of course.

The general sessions is what usually are the best part of the convention anyways.
But this year, it wasn’t quite as good as previous years. The speakers just
didn’t seem as good. Not that they didn’t belong there, cause I know God used
the speakers for others. But besides Louie Giglio and Doug Fields, I felt
the speakers weren’t as good as previous years. Of course previous speakers
were people like Mike Yaconelli, Rob Bell and Alise Barrymore. Still, it’s
a great convention, and I got my rest and my retreat.

And of course David Crowder Band was leading worship there for four sessions.
I have a new favorite live song. You Are My Joy. That song is awesome live.
Undignified used to be on top, but now that’s a close second.

Pittsburgh Pictures

I’ve been getting contacted through myspace.com about my class’ 10 year reunion.
I’ll let it be know that I am not going. I’m looking at the class of ’96
myspace page, and I quite honestly do not know who most of these people are.
I thought I had remembered a lot of people from high school. But apparently not.
Out of the 70 people on the myspace page, I remember like 5 or 6 people. Kind
of pitiful.

Site is finally back up. Hopefully my static IP is really a static IP. Seems
to work. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

I just got back from Alabama yesterday. I was able to finally see what Yvonne
was talking about with her whole family being at one place. Now I know that
people normally think Yvonne is this talkative person. But man. Around her
family, she doesn’t get much out of her mouth. Not that that is a bad thing.
I love her family. It’s definitely not boring around her family. Quite
different when it’s just us two together.

In case you still didn’t know, December 3 is my wedding day. I’m still looking
for some of my friends. Most notably: Hank, Des, Jill and Matt.

I have new pictures up at pictures.chriswong.org.

Don’t let me down DSL Extreme!