As I was coming home from Seattle yesterday, at the security checkpoint in
the airport I saw Jerry Rice there. He was standing in front of me. I was
tempted to say “hi” to him or even ask for his autograph. But then I
remembered I don’t care about autographs. And for that matter I don’t
really care for Jerry Rice either. Once a niner, always a niner is what
I say. But I can say I did see Jerry Rice. He stood only 2 feet away from
me. It would have been funny if they did a random check on him.

Seattle was fun. Thank God for heaters. It is just too freakin’ cold
over in Seattle. I think the high was 43 degress over there. And the
overnight low was low-30’s. Now it’s nice when you’re indoor or next
to a fireplace. But when you’re walking around outside checking out the
sights and sounds of Seattle and freezing your butt off, it’s not so
much fun. Good thing there really ain’t that much to look at in Seattle.

Not too many eventful things happened this weekend. I played a lot of
video games with my cousins. Watched my brother and my uncle make fun
of my cousins a lot. On Thursday we walked around the waterfront and
downtown Seattle freezing our butts off. I ate a lot. Friday was about
the same as Thursday. Drove around a lot freezing our butts off.

On Saturday, we watched Kobe lose and watched a couple movies. Meet the
Fockers is hilarious. It’s good to laugh. And then I watched I, Robot
at home. That’s a pretty good movie. They had this one part of the
movie that resonated with me. The whole feeling/thinking decision making
part of the movie with the girl. Kind of like what I’m going through,
except without the killer robots and saving the world and stuff. And
then at night, we went bowling. I did pretty well seeing how I don’t go
bowling anymore. Dang. If I had bowled like this during the youth
fellowship outing that one time, Sharon and Yvonne wouldn’t even have
been close to beating me. I bowled 2 158’s and a 202. I think it’s the
first time I’ve broken 200 in 10 years. I might have bowled a 200 sometime
between then, but not that I can remember. But then again I’ve probably
only gone bowling half a dozen times in that time span.

I’m so sore right now. I went to go play basketball today with cousins and
brother and uncle. Had the old guys vs young guys, with me, my brother, and
my uncle on the old team. Full court. Now my cousins are shrimps. 13, 15
and 16 year olds. And they suck. No way can we lose to them. Well dang it
if we didn’t get run off the court. We’re so out of shape. I can’t even
walk up the stairs now. Well barely. We played for 2 hours trying to beat
those kids, and we just couldn’t do it. They have so much energy! I don’t
know how they can run so much. And plus my uncle and brother suck. They
can’t make a layup. Of course I shouldn’t be talking. But yeah. We suck.
I hate basketball.

Got to work tomorrow. Yay. Woo hoo. Hooray.

I’d rather be in Seattle.

I hate being sick.

I was blowing out green stuff out of my nose in the shower today. Lovely, huh?

God works in amazing and funny ways.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which
transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ
Jesus. -Philipians 4:6,7

Where is God calling me? That is the question of the day. Perhaps more
like the question of my life. How does God want to use me?

Am I meant to just live out the rest of my life in the states? In LA?
Am I just suppose to get married, raise a family, and have a career?
That used to be my originaly plan serveral years ago, but the more I look
at it now, the less desirable this seems. So what am I suppose to be
doing several years down the road? When I started working at Ivenue, I had
this feeling that I wouldn’t be working there or possibly in this profession
five years from then. It’s been 3 years since I started working there, and
I still have that same feeling. Are my feelings incorrect? Will I still
be programming in another 2 years? Or does God have another plan for me?

The past year and a half, my awareness of missions and the Great Commission.
“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the
name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” And then there’s Jolene,
and Kevin. And then there’s the short-term missionaries that I’ve prayed
for and supported. Yes, more awareness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean
I’m being called. So how does one know? Especially someone with poor
discernment like me?

I certainly know what I want. But is that in line with what God has called
for me? I don’t know!!! Discernment definitely ain’t one of my spiritual

Maybe I’m not called to none of the above. Maybe God wants me to pull a
Hank and go out to the arctic and become a police officer. Maybe. (I
wonder what that boy, Hank, is up to now.)

And I wonder why God put certain people and certain situations in my life.
Why did God put person A in my life? And why how does situation A fit into
God’s plan? Things like that. Answers that may never be revealed while I’m
here on earth. But boy, when I get to heaven, I have some questions to ask

We just did a Sunday school series on God’s will too. And I admit I didn’t
learn anything new about God’s will in my life through those lessons. I
was hoping to. But that would just be too easy for me. I guess that’s
what His word and prayer are for. Too bad, I don’t see it there either.

Knowledge. Not my gift either.

I had a great day today.

Yvonne took me horseback riding for my birthday. I ain’t never been horseback
riding before, so I was a little worried that my groin area might be hurting,
especially after a two hour ride. But I was totally looking forward to it.

We went up to the Hollywood hills, and I get on my horse named Mouse. Yvonne
has Crystal. There’s like four other people with us plus a guide. I first
get on the horse, and I’m a little nervous. I don’t want to be a fool and
fall off. But I wiggle around and test out a bit. Get a little more
comfortable having Mouse walk around. Alright. Cool.

So we start going up the hill mostly in single-file. I’m behind Yvonne, and
her horse is slow. She can’t keep up with the horses in front of her. My
horse is cool. When Crystal starts to trot forward to catch up, mine follows
right behind without me having to do any work. 🙂 Trotting kind of hurts
your groin area. Not the most comfortable feeling in the world.

Our horse all got different personalities too. My horse was kind of testy.
He didn’t like other horses passing him up. So sometimes when a horse would
pass us, he’d snarl at them. And then there was Sundance. He was cool. He
always stopped to eat the grass, but they weren’t suppose to. So the rider
had to keep constantly get him to move away from the grass. He also had a
waggle on his butt. And then there was Crystal, the slow-poke. And she
wouldn’t listen to Yvonne’s command to speed. She was like a rebel. 🙂

It was a great day. I expected to be a more sore, but I’m not that bad.
Yvonne was complaining about her butt hurting after fellowship tonight. But
mine was fine. Until later. I’m sitting on the stairs, and “ooh… my
butt hurts.” It’s probably not as bad as Yvonne’s since I probably got some
more padding down there.

I want to go again. 🙂