I came back from Mexico yesterday. It was an amazing trip filled with a lot
of stories. So I’ll be writing something up eventually so I don’t have to
keep telling about my trip over IM. 🙂

Yvonne planned a “surprise” birthday party for me yesterday. I wasn’t very
surprised. 🙂 I had a feeling that something like this was going to happen.
I just didn’t expect all these people. Of course I wasn’t sure it was going
to happen until Sharon IMs me “are people there yet?” and no one was there
yet. I thought it was kind of weird that Jeff was calling Yvonne asking me
if I wanted to play Halo with him and John tonight. Weird. Raised my
suspicion level seeing how he didn’t even call my phone first. 🙂

But it was still awesome. It IS the thought that counts. And Yvonne was
all disappointed that it I wasn’t surprised. The night couldn’t have been
better. Best girl ever!

gross, eh? i have a story to tell you.

so i got sick at work yesterday while i was eating lunch. nothing
much. just a sandwich and a smoothie. so around 1, i start feeling
nauseous and dizzy. so i try to sleep it off. i don’t know how long
it takes, i feel like throwing up. so i head to the bathroom just in
case. i head to the toilet, and i try to force myself to throw up.
but my body just won’t let me. so finally after sitting there for
like 30 minutes, i force myself to throw this little tiny bit up. i
was kind of disappointed. if you were going to make me throw, i
expected more. kind of made me mad! i felt a little better, i
couldn’t get myself to throw up anymore.

i went back to my desk and updated yvonne about my perils. she told
me to get rest, so i did. i wake up maybe another 30 minutes later
nauseous, and i head to the bathroom. and as soon as i stick my head
over the toilet, i start feeling better. alright. i sit on the
ground of the bathroom. i get that pukey feeling again, i stick my
head over the toilet, and it goes away…. this cycle repeats for a
while. nothing happens. all i get is a few burps that taste like
mango-strawberry smoothie.

so i head back to my desk and i try to sleep again. i don’t know how
long i’m out, but i get that pukey feeling again when i wake up, so i
head to the bathroom once more. head over toilet… i feel good.
alright. i’m just going to wait here until i throw up. cause it’s
going to come out eventually. i can feel it. so now i lay down on
the ground just chilling. i don’t know how long i was there for, but
i went to try to force myself to throw up. i had been dry heaving all
day. and then this one time i tried so hard it made my stomach hurt,
and i fell to the ground. as i was on the ground clenching my
stomach, i feel something. “yay! it’s coming up!!” so i get up and
i throw up in the toilet.

not too much came out. this is around 5 now, so it’s been four hours
since this all started. i feel a bit better, but now i have this huge
fever, and i still feel like throwing up. but the pressure of it is
less now. so head to the couch and sleep the rest of the time til we
leave. of course i update yvonne on my progress. 🙂

so jeff and i leave, and i don’t get home til about 8:00. my fever is
really high now, and i’m still dizzy and nauseous. so i head straight
to bed. i sleep for about an hour and when i wake up, now i got to go
poop. so i stand up, and now my body wants to puke too. so i head to
the bathroom, and i have a decision to make. do i go poop, or go
puke? i decide to poop, since there’s no guaranteed time frame for me
puking. but i tell you both were pretty darn close to coming out. so
as i was pooping, i was thinking, “this would really suck if i have to
turn around and throw up.”

so now i’ve got diarhea, i’m puking, and i’ve got a fever all at the
same time. so after finishing pooping, i just lie on the ground of my
bathroom. my bathroom is a LOT nicer than the one at work. my
bathroom is kind of comfy. so after lying there for a few minutes,
yvonne gives me a call. i have no recollection of what we talked
about. later on she told me that she was praying that i would get
some sleep. well i guess God answered that prayer, cause i fell
asleep right on that bathroom floor. it was the most comfortable i’ve
felt all night.

i wake up at like 10:30pm and go poop some more. i think i would have
slept some more if it weren’t for the diarhea. of course sleeping on
the bathroom floor ain’t too good for my back. still got diarhea,
still got a slight fever, still slightly nauseous, and add a back ache
to the mix. it’s okay. i think i can make it through the night. so
i take some tylenol and head to bed.

i wake up at 8 this morning. oohh… no fever… oooh… no more
pukey feeling. oh no… back hurts…. oh no!!! diarhea! so i run
to the bathroom. do my duty. i go back to my room, and i start
chatting with yvonne and start telling her what i just told you. i
stay up for a while surfing the net. i go back to sleep around 10:30.
i wake up at 1:30. i head to the bathroom… oooh… solid poop!

i just took a shower. i figure i should since i’ve been throwing up
and lying on bathroom floors and making friends with toilets all day.
i’m clean.

anyways, there’s a story for ya. i should go post this on my website. 🙂

– Chris

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 12:18:23 -0800, Jennifer Yoshimura
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> eeewww…gross 🙂
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