Apparently Jenn is pretty popular on the net. I keeping hits for this
picture from external sites. So I’ve had to shut down external referrals to
my images directory. Not that I mind the increased traffic. But I don’t
think Jenn knows this picture is floating around. Non-referrals still work
though. But at least no one is linking from other sites.

Talking about referrals, here’s an addictive game. 🙂

Yvonne has the greatest feet in the world. I can’t explain, but they are
awesome. She can move her toes like fingers! With enough practice, I’m
sure she can figure out someway to glorify God with those special feet. 🙂

I got a Palm Pilot yesterday. I’m trying to organize stuff. But as of now
it’s just a toy. There’s too much stuff that I want to put in it. Too many
contacts. Trying to get my prayer list in there too. But I do have net
working through my phone. Bluetooth is cool. 🙂

And for those of ya that don’t know, I’m “trip coordinator” for Mexico
Outreach missions trip this Thanksgiving. Let’s see… I’ve never been
on a missions trip. And on my first missions trip, I’m pretty much organizing
EVERYTHING before the the trip. Alright. Sweet. As you all know I’m pretty
administrative… well maybe not. But God better make me right now! 🙂
This is what God called me to to do? Alright, I trust You!

I guess this is what prayer is for. 🙂