After 7 months of work, I finallly have this new website up. I’m sure there are
a lot of bugs left in it still. So tell me if you find one! 🙂

Again, more evidence on why Yvonne is the greatest girl ever.

I was over at Jeff’s house yesterday, and somehow we all got into a discussion
of themed weddings. Eric was busy playing football so he was lucky enough
to mostly stay out of this conversation. From one of our websites, they have
this page for Star Trek weddings. Naturally, with Cory around, that’ll lead
into Jeff’s being Star Wars themed. But surprisingly, Jeff said he wouldn’t
have a Star Wars wedding. Even if Jess said she wanted one. Nope.

Now what?! Come on. Got some Wookies. Ring bearer could be an Ewok. The
bride dressed as Princess Leia. Jeff dressed as Luke Skywalker.

For the families, so he says. Well, I guess. Didn’t really think about them.

So I head over to Yvonne’s house later, and I tell her about the conversation
I just had with the guys about the Star Wars wedding. And she goes and tells
me, “that sounds like fun. I’d have a Star Wars wedding.”

Greatest girl ever!