Sharon is awesome! 🙂

Even on my days off from youth ministry, I still have a full day of the

I was totally expecting a chill day. My plan for the day was to go
discipleship in the morning. Come back around 1 or so. Read Harry Potter,
sleep, and maybe play games. And then go to Daisy’s orchestra concert
at 8. Come home. Play some games, read, sleep, whatever. It was suppose
to be a day of chillin’ by myself. No youth fellowship. Yvonne is gone for
the weekend. What can I do?

Well, I should know better now. Plans don’t always happen as you expect
them to. Patrick joined us for me and Joy for discipleship this morning,
which went very well. After that we just sat around talking. Joy was
talking about the popularity cliques at his school. How the rules were set
and how non-popular kids couldn’t hang out at certain places. So mean.
Of course me and my rebellious mind starts thinking about ways to upset
the way things are. I think I’ve changed over the years. I would have
never thought of this stuff back in high school. I wonder what changed me.
Or who changed me… Hmmm… 🙂

So of course I was planning on spending the afternoon alone, and for once
actually wanting to. The past few times that I’ve had time to myself, I
hadn’t wanted to. Just no one around to hang out with. But today, I was
actually looking forward to it. But yup, doesn’t always happen that way.

After discipleship, Joy and Patrick wanted to do something but didn’t know
what to do. So some how, some way, they got in their crazy minds to come
to my house. At first I really didn’t want to, since I really did want the
day for myself. But God put on my heart about wanting to disciple Joy for
a reason. And now Joy actually wants hang out with me, and I’m thinking
about saying no to him?? So after some convincing, they came over to my
house. And I had a great time, as always.

After dropping Joy and Patrick off, I had a little time to myself before
having to pick up Sharon to go the Daisy’s concert tonight. I missed the
last one I told Daisy I would go to, so I had to go to this one. The
concert was good. Dana’s orchestra is pretty dang good, I must say,
although my ear for orchestra music ain’t that good. I do have a lot of
musical background, but orchestra ain’t included in that. Oh well. 🙂

Afterwards, John and I took Sharon, Daisy, and a bunch of their friends
over to Denny’s (third straight day I’ve been there). And this is why
I love the junior highers. Freakin’ crazy kids. I forgot how it all (I
think it was John and Steve), but some of the people there were playing
games. It started with eating sugar packets. You know paper football?
You hit the sugar packet back and forth till it lands on the edge of the
table. Eat sugar. Simple game. And then game evolved into eat ketchup
and then, naturally, into eating salt.

John told us how in college he was dared to put a tablespoon of salt in
his mouth for five minutes. And then swallow it. He threw up all night.
Great idea, John! Now we just need to get Sharon to do this. Without a
second thought, Sharon picks up ths spoon and drops the salt in her mouth.
It starts out okay. Sharon gets hit by that first saltyness feeling. Then
a few minutes pass by. She’s starting to struggle a little bit. It look
like she just wanted to start crying. But she had to fight it off. Four
minutes go by and now all she wants to do is spit that crap out. But she’s
already gone this far. Can’t go back now. Only one more minute to go. Five
minutes hits. John tells her to swallow it. And I see the look in her face.
It’s saying, “hell no!” She runs off to the bathroom. One of her many
trips tonight.

While she was in the bathroom, people were putting salt and oil and sugar
into her lemonade. How sad! Of course I didn’t say anything before she
drank it. O:) I don’t think she ran off to the bathroom this time. Just
a mad rush to get something to drink 🙂

So the finale of the night is upon us. When you go dine with junior highers,
what’s naturally going to happen at the end of the meal? You put all your
left crap into a drink and dare other people to drink it. Tonight was no
different. I think Sharon’s lemonade was like 2/3 full before stuff got
put in. Afterwards, it was overflowing the glass. Ketchup, vinegar, salt,
pepper, tobasco sauce, BBQ sauce, french fries, sausages, waffles…
Whatever was leftover… It got put in. John started it. He didn’t feel
comfortable asking all these strange kids to drink this concoction. So
he asked Sharon. Of course I get into it. Starts out low as always. Five
bucks. But it always escalates. How far can we push it? And then I mention
that when things get done for missions, I’m always willing to put more money.
Well. To make thing short. Sharon drank some nasty crap. I’m down 500
bucks. And Sharon ran once again to the bathroom. Remember… FOR MISSIONS

I got 130 more pages to read in Harry Potter. I’ve got til tomorrow night
to finish. I promised Yvonne I’d read before we watched the movie. I’m
getting close! But it is time to sleep. YAWN 🙂