More evidence on why Yvonne is the greatest girl ever.

Yvonne was trying to send some sensitive information over email, so she
asks me what PGP is? Oh it’s encryption stuff. Not the easiest of things
to get working. I was totally expecting maybe to send this stuff for her,
but she decides that she wants to learn how to do it. Okay. I point her
to a site, have her download the software and install it. Now I’m expecting
to help her out with everything. So she installs and has to reboot. Okay.
I’m installing everything just to get things working. So Yvonne logs off
from AIM.

While she’s gone, I’m trying to set things up myself. I remember using
PGP like 7 years ago, so it’s been a while since I last used it, but at
least I’m familiar with it. At least I’d be able to show Yvonne how to
use it, right?

So it takes me a good 30 minutes to get everything working. (Outlook
sucks by the way.) But Yvonne hasn’t logged back onto AIM yet. Can’t
really tell her how to do stuff if she ain’t on. So at that moment, she
logs back on. She IMs telling me she can’t put Avery’s key into her keyring.
Same problem I was having before, so I send her the file that Avery sent me.
“Oh cool. Works!” So I go explain to Yvonne that she can’t use the
integrated stuff in outlook, cause you need to the personal edition to do
that. So what she has to do is use PGPmail and encrypt the file there and
then attach the file to the mail. “Yeah. I figured that out.” Whoa!
Apparently she figured everything out by herself.

Any girl that figures out how to use PGP on her own goes up a few notches
in my book.

I go into these moods every once in a while and go search for my name
in google. It’s been a while. I know that I’ve been dropping in the
rankings, but this is getting ridiculous. Freakin’ page 17? You’ve
got to be kidding me. Even Isaac’s affiliate page is ranked higher
this page. is still up there though.

I like google. I use google. Maybe that’ll get me higher! 🙂

(16:39:01) anonymous: Some phone conversation.
(16:39:12) anonymous: I went to a meeting, came back, and wrote a scathing
email to our dbadmins in that time.
(16:39:15) anonymous: Hot chick?
(16:40:39) l1nu5: jenn. and auto insurance.
(16:40:48) l1nu5: scathing email? cool
(16:41:16) anonymous: Maybe the auto insurance chick was hot.
(16:41:21) anonymous: Jenn’s hot, too.
(16:41:23) anonymous: (!)
(16:41:34) anonymous: Hey… that was cool. It inserted an icon for ( ! )
(16:41:36) anonymous: (without the spaces.
(16:41:42) anonymous: Scathing, i tell you!
(16:43:00) l1nu5: well maybe the receptionist at farmers is hot. i wouldn’t
know. my insurance dude definitely ain’t hot. and i don’t
care how good looking the man is. he AIN’T hot. if you want
to say jenn’s hot, okay.
(16:43:10) anonymous: Hahahahahaha.
(16:43:18) anonymous: I’ll say it, because it makes your life look more
interesting than mine.
(16:43:21) anonymous: I also peed my pants.
(16:43:42) anonymous: I didn’t pull my jeans down far enough when i was sitting
on the public toilet, so i splashed on my underwear.
(16:43:50) anonymous: Needless to say, i’m going home before i drop by the
(16:44:01) anonymous: I am the king of disgusting behavior today.
(16:44:16) l1nu5: you freakin’ nasty
(16:44:23) anonymous: It’s not my fault!
(16:44:26) anonymous: I mean, it is!
(16:44:29) anonymous: But i didn’t mean to do it.
(16:44:38) anonymous: Don’t judge me.
(16:44:48) anonymous: At least i shucked my underwear, and am going commando.
(16:44:53) anonymous: I bet you didn’t need to know that, either.
(16:44:55) anonymous: Hahahahahahaha.
(16:45:10) anonymous: If you post this on your blog, i’ll hate you forever.
(16:45:17) anonymous: If you post this on your blog, could you at least
anonymize me?
(16:47:47) l1nu5: sure

Hyper dude is back today. Awesome.


(16:51:25) l1nu5: oh my goodness. we just had the craziest realtor ever. it was freakin’ hilarious. i’ll tell you about it later
(16:51:31) vonnywang: ok
(16:51:36) l1nu5: hehe :0
(16:51:38) l1nu5: go study 🙂
(16:51:46) vonnywang: i’m looking up articles
(16:51:48) l1nu5: okay
(16:51:50) vonnywang: you can tell me your story
(16:52:03) l1nu5: it’s hard 🙂
(16:52:14) vonnywang: ok
(16:52:15) l1nu5: basically the dude was all hyper
(16:52:20) vonnywang: hee-hee
(16:53:10) vonnywang: tha’s it?
(16:53:15) vonnywang: that’s your funny story
(16:53:20) vonnywang: you’re funnier than that, chris
(16:53:21) vonnywang: 🙂
(16:53:49) l1nu5: well there’s more
(16:53:50) l1nu5: a lot more
(16:53:57) vonnywang: ok
(16:54:04) l1nu5: you want me to tell you?
(16:54:13) vonnywang: yeah
(16:54:19) vonnywang: i’m looking up stuff on the dmv site now
(16:54:25) l1nu5: hehe okay
(16:55:27) l1nu5: um.. hold on. 🙂
(16:55:43) vonnywang: ok
(16:56:20) l1nu5: okay… so we go to check out this place
(16:56:25) l1nu5: it’s just down the street from us
(16:56:42) vonnywang: yup
(16:56:42) l1nu5: so we get there. and there are no cars there except this fixed up honda accord, lowered with rims
(16:56:44) l1nu5: and stuff
(16:56:54) l1nu5: so we go check out the place
(16:57:01) l1nu5: it’s pretty nice. about what we’re looking for
(16:57:34) l1nu5: so he’s talking to us, and he talks fast…

“so you guys going to be the next microsoft?”
(16:57:36) l1nu5: yeah sure
(16:57:44) l1nu5: he keeps talking to us
(16:58:11) l1nu5: “so you guys know a lot about computers? you know the eye transfers information to the brain at 4 gigabits a second”
(16:58:12) l1nu5: what?
(16:58:18) l1nu5: uh yeah…
(16:58:23) vonnywang: really?
(16:58:25) vonnywang: hee-hee
(16:58:26) l1nu5: “we got to close this deal now”
(16:58:30) l1nu5: no. you can’t measure that
(16:58:37) vonnywang: oh
(16:58:37) vonnywang: ok
(16:59:10) l1nu5: hold on
(16:59:30) vonnywang: ok
(17:02:33) l1nu5: okay. i’m back
(17:02:36) l1nu5: work stuff 🙂
(17:02:39) l1nu5: so… where was i…
(17:02:53) l1nu5: so there’s this other place that we can go check out
(17:03:14) l1nu5: but it’s a drive away. so head to our cars, and we’re checking to see if that accord out there is his
(17:03:21) l1nu5: but then he goes running off
(17:03:36) l1nu5: “aww… he doesn’t drive that car. so we’re waiting around to see what he drives”
(17:03:48) l1nu5: oh… i forgot to mention that the dude is like this 50 year old white guy
(17:04:09) l1nu5: but he’s all hyper. like he seems like he’s on speed or something
(17:04:40) l1nu5: anyways. we’re thinking he probably drives like this cadillac or something more that fits him
(17:05:00) l1nu5: and then you see this silver civic rolling. “whoa. he’s in a civic”
(17:05:04) vonnywang: you’ve known a lot of peeps on speed, eh?
(17:05:14) l1nu5: and then he speeds down the parking lot
(17:05:16) vonnywang: hee-hee
(17:05:24) l1nu5: “whoa. that fool needs to slow down”
(17:05:39) l1nu5: he pulls out of the parking lot and jeff is driving
(17:06:00) l1nu5: and you just see this civic all the way down the road. he took off! and jeff is flooring the car just to try to keep up.
(17:06:24) vonnywang: hee-hee
(17:06:28) l1nu5: and it’s like this all the down to where we’re checking out the place
(17:06:35) vonnywang: he likes speed
(17:06:39) l1nu5: he makes this turn and bam! he’s gone!
(17:06:55) l1nu5: and jeff is flooring it, in his G35, trying to keep up with a civic. hehe 🙂
(17:07:02) l1nu5: so we’re driving there
(17:07:15) l1nu5: and we’re stopped at this major intersection
(17:07:22) l1nu5: he’s right in front of us.
(17:07:35) l1nu5: he steps out of his car and starts walking back to us
(17:07:43) vonnywang: lost service
(17:07:47) vonnywang: l1nu5 (5:06:35 PM): he makes this turn and bam! he’s gone!
(17:07:56) l1nu5: now the five of us in the car are thinking he’s going to tell us directions or something
(17:08:06) l1nu5: lost service???
(17:08:14) vonnywang: lost my aim connection
(17:08:19) l1nu5: oh…
(17:08:31) l1nu5: 17:06:55) l1nu5: and jeff is flooring it, in his G35, trying to keep up with a civic. hehe 🙂
(17:07:02) l1nu5: so we’re driving there
(17:07:15) l1nu5: and we’re stopped at this major intersection
(17:07:22) l1nu5: he’s right in front of us.
(17:07:35) l1nu5: he steps out of his car and starts walking back to us
(17:08:42) l1nu5: 17:07:56) l1nu5: now the five of us in the car are thinking he’s going to tell us directions or something
(17:09:34) l1nu5: jeff rolls down his window, and the guy says “turn to 105.1. i’ll buy everyone here lunch tomorrow if you can guess what this is?”
(17:09:39) l1nu5: “uh okay.”
(17:09:47) l1nu5: so we turn to 105.1
(17:09:58) l1nu5: “105.1.. that’s that classical station”
(17:10:11) l1nu5: like any of us knows classical music…
(17:10:14) vonnywang: yeah i know
(17:10:15) l1nu5: so he heads back to us car
(17:10:20) vonnywang: i listen to it all the time
(17:10:30) l1nu5: well none of us in the car knew
(17:10:38) vonnywang: hee-hee
(17:10:39) vonnywang: ok
(17:10:41) l1nu5: i used to listen to it, but i didn’t know the music
(17:10:49) l1nu5: only the real popular ones i knew
(17:10:55) vonnywang: ok
(17:10:56) l1nu5: anyways… you’re ruining the story!
(17:10:58) vonnywang: so, then?
(17:11:11) l1nu5: so… he heads back to his car
(17:11:24) l1nu5: and we just turned to the station
(17:11:29) l1nu5: we have no idea what it is
(17:11:40) l1nu5: the fool gets out of his car again to starts walking back to us
(17:11:53) l1nu5: now dude. that light is going to turn green one of these days
(17:11:57) vonnywang: hee-hee
(17:12:04) l1nu5: so he walks back and asks “you get it yet?”
(17:12:11) l1nu5: and then walks back to his car
(17:12:46) l1nu5: anyways. so we start heading to the place we’re suppose to look at
(17:13:12) l1nu5: and all the while we’re talking about the dude. “he needs to stop and take some speedballs”
(17:13:16) l1nu5: freakin’ hilarious
(17:13:37) vonnywang: weird
(17:13:42) l1nu5: so we eventually get to the place. it’s apparently he didn’t really know the place that we’re looking at very well
(17:13:53) l1nu5: but we’re following him around in the complex
(17:14:10) l1nu5: it was a big complex with like office spaces and retail spaces out in front
(17:14:18) l1nu5: so we find the place “oh there it is”
(17:14:19) vonnywang: yup
(17:14:52) l1nu5: and the civic turns like he’s going to park in the space, but he’s going pretty fast
(17:14:56) l1nu5: like he’s speeding up his car
(17:15:33) vonnywang: yeah?
(17:15:44) l1nu5: so he makes the turn. and does this hard u-turn, 180 into the parking spaces burning out his tires right onto the handicap spot!
(17:15:50) l1nu5: i could not stop laughing!
(17:16:06) vonnywang: was he just trying to show off to y’all?
(17:16:12) l1nu5: i don’t know
(17:16:16) l1nu5: i think he was just hyper man
(17:16:20) l1nu5: he talked like it too
(17:16:39) l1nu5: and then checking out this, he’s all walking on top of the flowerbed and the bushes.
(17:16:50) l1nu5: i’m looking at dave and thinking, “man this fool needs to calm down”
(17:17:01) l1nu5: he talked like twice as fast as any of us
(17:17:06) l1nu5: he was awesome!
(17:17:18) l1nu5: and yeah
(17:17:21) l1nu5: that’s about it 🙂
(17:17:24) l1nu5: we left after that
(17:17:37) l1nu5: jeff was convinced the guy was trying to lose jeff
(17:17:47) vonnywang: hee-hee
(17:17:52) vonnywang: what an exciting day

Janet flashed her boobie… Janet flashed her boobie…

I had to pick 2am to pray, huh? The night I decide to sleep early, I’m
awaken by my alarm. Silly me. Or as Yvonne would call me, Silly Billy.

Bryan said something intersting about our work. “Most people arrange
their lives around work. We arrange work around our lives.” I’ve
never really thought about this, but I’m pretty lucky to have things
be like this. Since the big changes came along a month ago, work has
been so much more enjoyable. It’s like actually nice to come into work