[22:57] Johndavidngo: u know what?
[22:57] Johndavidngo: i can NEVER marry you
[22:57] Johndavidngo: 😀
[22:57] l1nu5: good
[22:57] Johndavidngo: yea, good
[22:57] l1nu5: i’m VERY happy you can’t
[22:57] Johndavidngo: fine

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but the wrod as a wlohe.

amzanig huh?

Updating takes too much time.

For youth fellowship we bowling. I haven’t gone bowling in over two years,
so the odds of me beating Yvonne and Sharon COMBINED are very slim. So
here was the deal. We bowl two games. My combined score from the two games
against Yvonne and Sharon’s combined four games. Now the odds of me winning
are slim. If Yvonne and Sharon both average 80 per game, which isn’t hard
to do, then that means I have to average 160 to match them. Now the odds of
me doing that aren’t very good. I ain’t bowled a 160 in ages. And my
average is only about 130 or 140.

So the deal is if they beat me, I owe both of them dinner for tonight. It
was a bowling and dinner night, so okay. If I win, I get a hug from each
of them AND a shiny penny. What a great deal, huh? I’m the underdog, and
I have to put more up. I just figure it would be a way for me to scheme
Yvonne into not paying for dinner again, which is fine with me.

Sharon sucked it up the first game. And then Yvonne sucked it up the first
half of her second game. Sharon bowled a 36 and a 95. Yvonne bowled 77 for
both games. I bowled 135 and 157. You add those numbers up and that’s
285 to 292. How the heck did I just win? How did Sharon bowl a 36?? You’ve
got to try to get a score that low.

Of course afterwards, Yvonne and Sharon both try to avoid their payments to
me. Like I wasn’t expecting to get any hugs today, but a deal is a deal. I
want my hugs! The shiny penny wasn’t hard to get out of Sharon, but I never
knew those hugs would be so hard. I won’t forget this though. I change
interest on these payments. 100% interest a day. Well they paid up. Good!
Cause I earned this one. 🙂

I test drove the Mini Cooper S today with Yvonne. Well, she test drove it.
I don’t know how to drive manual. On Tuesday night, we went out to the Mini
dealership, and that time I had no interest in this car. It’s just that
Yvonne was thinking about it since she had seen the Italian Job. So we’re
out there, and this guy, Nick, starts talking to us about the car. And boy,
did the fool know how to sell a car. Like Yvonne just liked the car cause
of the movie, but after that night, both he got both of us interested in the
car. So today, we went to go test drive it. And I must say I really like
that car. And the car is actually within my budget. But I don’t know if
I can really get myself to buy that car, as much as I do like it. How can
I go from an SUV to a Mini?

Big Fish is a good movie. 24 is good.