(14:01:52) l1nu5: i wasn’t smart
(14:01:59) l1nu5: i just had the luck of being in a stupid school
(14:02:31) dat 5h4r0n: maybe
(14:02:38) dat 5h4r0n: but maybe you were smart
(14:03:45) l1nu5: i ain’t smart
(14:04:07) l1nu5: if i was smart i would have graduated berkeley in less than 5 and a half years. and maybe i would have gotten better than a 2.3 gpa
(14:04:40) dat 5h4r0n: well you got lazy in college
(14:04:48) dat 5h4r0n: and plus you ditched alot
(14:04:52) dat 5h4r0n: to play games and stuff
(14:04:57) l1nu5: hehehehe 🙂
(14:04:57) l1nu5: yeah
(14:05:02) l1nu5: maybe that was the problem 🙂
(14:05:09) l1nu5: somehow i forgot those details 🙂

(17:45:52) vonnywang: yeah… but i knew about it before
(17:45:56) l1nu5: oh okay
(17:45:58) vonnywang: don’t know why
(17:46:00) vonnywang: hmm
(17:46:01) l1nu5: how you know about it?
(17:46:05) vonnywang: don’t know
(17:46:08) l1nu5: you’re weird
(17:46:19) vonnywang: it’s one of those pieces of knowledge that’s crept on me
(17:46:21) vonnywang: unknowingly
(17:46:24) l1nu5: yeah
(17:46:25) vonnywang: heehee
(17:46:26) l1nu5: you’re weird
(17:46:32) vonnywang: kinda like that sports stuff that gets in my head
(17:46:39) vonnywang: even when i don’t follow sports!
(17:46:40) vonnywang: oh well
(17:46:41) l1nu5: hehe 🙂
(17:47:25) l1nu5: yeah
(17:47:26) l1nu5: you’re weird
(17:47:38) l1nu5: or you got some crazy super power where you learn by osmosis.
(17:48:01) vonnywang: hee-hee
(17:48:13) vonnywang: i told you i used to sleep on my books when i was in high school, right?
(17:48:19) vonnywang: osmosis was my goal
(17:48:23) vonnywang: 🙂
(17:48:32) l1nu5: hehe 🙂
(17:48:40) l1nu5: maybe that’s where you got it. 🙂
(17:48:52) vonnywang: yeah
(17:50:11) vonnywang: hee-hee
(17:50:21) l1nu5: like i said
(17:50:23) l1nu5: you’re weird
(17:50:30) vonnywang: not weird, though
(17:50:35) vonnywang: everyone should be like that
(17:50:37) vonnywang: 🙂
(17:51:05) l1nu5: no.
(17:51:07) l1nu5: you’re weird
(17:51:39) vonnywang: whatevers
(17:51:50) vonnywang: keep thinking what ya want
(17:51:50) l1nu5: you are though
(17:51:55) l1nu5: but weird is cool! 🙂
(17:51:57) l1nu5: i like weird 🙂
(17:52:00) vonnywang: i’m as normal as can be
(17:52:07) l1nu5: why would i be friends with you if you weren’t weird?
(17:52:12) l1nu5: yeah. sure you are
(17:52:48) vonnywang: cuz i’m the only normal person you know
(17:53:11) vonnywang: you just couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to know the true epitome of normalcy
(17:53:12) vonnywang: 🙂
(17:54:04) l1nu5: sure
(17:54:10) l1nu5: i’m going to post that saying later

chriswong.com expired last month on the 24th. Remind to get it if it comes
available. Should be around the 24th of this month.

Today wasn’t quite as bad as yesterday. I did have more problems today,
but no yelling at. Well, I didn’t get yelled at yesterday either, but
less teaching involved today. Just more stress from work. Good thing
Yvonne was online chatting with me, otherwise I might have gone crazy and
go kick the new guy. But disaster was avoided.

Best part of the day was when Yvonne called up and I got to chat with her
nephew and niece. They sound so cute!! Aaron asked me if I had any trains.
Hehe. 🙂 And then Elise asked if I had Bob the Builder. Hehe. 🙂
SOOO CUTE!!! Highlight of my day.

Who wants to watch the Bucks/Clippers play tomorrow? 🙂

Hasn’t been a fun two days at work. Our new programmer is down from Vegas
this week and I’m training him. There is a lot of stuff about the system
to learn about. I never realized how much of the system that I actually
know. It gives me some comfort that I ain’t going to get fired from this
job. The guy isn’t bad, but there’s a lot of junk to learn. It’ll just
take some time. It took me maybe a week or two to learn the system, and
there was probably only 20 percent of the code that was done, if that much.
All I know is that teaching ain’t my gift. It drains me. At least our new
workstations are coming in tomorrow. Well they better be. Otherwise I’m
going to have to kick somebody.

Our office is going to have another Christmas party. This time out in
Vegas. Of course I can’t go since I have the Lord of the Rings party
thing at my house. I think I’d rather be watching the movie, but man,
they’re going to have such a cool party. They have the Rum Jungle rented
out. I would have gotten free round trip and a free room too. But nope.
Oh well… It would be cool to actually meet the people in Vegas, but
that’s just the way it works out sometimes. Wayne and Kristin came to
our Christmas party at Dave & Busters, and I think they were kind of
embarassed about how sad our Christmas party was. Dave & Busters? Video
games? This is what these guys do? All I know is I’m totally happy with
it. The night was great! It would be nice to go to Vegas though. But
I’d rather hang out with my friends and watch Lord of the Rings.

I finished the first Harry Potter. I made it. 🙂

Eric was telling me about making a wish list on Amazon.com so people don’t
have to think about what to get me for Christmas. Well, shoot… I really
don’t need anything. And I really don’t want anything. Then I started to
think. The only thing I really want now is the new Justin McRoberts CD.
This no toys thingy is hard.


This was suppose to be the logo hidden in our code. It never worked out.

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[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@#@@@[email protected]@@@@#m_
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[email protected]@@@k# #_ #@@@L . 7W,= [email protected]
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p 7 @@@@@@#[email protected]@@@@@#@@@@@@@@@@#@@@M
i @@@@@#@=”_,.._ \@@@@@@@@@@#@@p
=_ [email protected]@@@E__.^ [email protected]@@#@#*_7 ###@
“q [email protected]@##*”” %_F #@@p
*^^#^*#@@W” _= #@@