I have been in a really weird funk the past few weeks. I guess it started
about 3 weeks ago. And I thought it went it away, but it’s still around.
I get into these moods of depression. And then I get into these moods of
joy. I think my natural mood is just to be happy, so if I can distract
myself from the reason that I’m all down, I can get feel that joy. But
then when it’s late at night and I have nothing to do but think, reality
sets in, and I get all down again.

This week hasn’t been good. I’ve had no motivation to do anything this
week. It was a such a chore to call up my kids this week. Today has
probably been the best day of the week since I was so busy this morning
with work. And then I got somewhat busy during the afternoon.
Distractions. And then I had a long chat with Jenn on the phone. Jenn
has actually been the only real source of happiness that I’ve had. Oh

Survivor was awesome tonight though. A bunch of us went over to Yvonne’s
house to watch. Jenn and John came over. Gundy came by later. And yeah.
That was my night.

And now I’m back home alone. Trying to figure out this stupid DVD burner
software stuff. I told Jenn I’d sleep at 3. I got 10 minutes to figure
this thing out.

What am I doing up at 5 in the morning?

I can’t go back to sleep. And Avery is chatting with me. What’s he

No. I know that I just didn’t hear a bird chirping. Stupid birds.

Finally caught up with Alias tonight. I don’t think this season’s Alias
has been as good as the first two season’s. Like I’m just not as into
it this season. Like I still don’t see how and why Syd is still going on
these missions. I know it’s a TV show, but still. After being gone for
two years, you’d think the CIA would like to find out what’s been going
on with her. And then they do find out she’s been doing missions for
people, and still they have her go do missions? Like she killed some
dude, man! That won’t get her off the field? Not to mention that Sark
is all over the place and they have to know that he could spot Syd so
easily. Like isn’t the point to not get detected? Alias is gettting
kind of silly to me. But it’s still early. And even with it’s silliness,
it’s still a good show.

The song stuck in my head.

I Will Call You Blessed – Aina’s Song
words and music by Caleb Carruth ©2002

I can’t believe you’re mine and I can’t believe I’m yours
cause only a Master’s hand
could have devised and designed our course
lost in your beauty and lost in the freedom
I can’t owe this to myself, what have i ever done
that’s this good, this sweet, this right

with one glance of your eye you’ve stolen my heart
all beautiful you are my darling, there is no flaw in you
now I lack nothing, now there is peace
you have such patience with me, freely you give your love
it’s so good, so sweet, so right

for you are clothed in strength and you are dressed in dignity
and with you he saved me
and you are all I wanted and you are all i need now
and I will call you blessed

gone are the good old days, i have no need for useless things
I’ve found something better to last me forever
for you speak with wisdom and faithful instruction
many do noble things, but you have surpassed them all
you’re so good, so sweet, so right

So is that what it takes to get some service? Call to cancel your DSL
and finally you’ll be able to get some service? I should have done this
a long time ago. I’ve been trying to get a new modem for a month, and
it doesn’t happen. Try to cancel, and I get a modem the next day. Alright
I’ll have to remember this for the next time.

Another late night/early morning yesterday. The past ten days, I’ve
had like 3 days where I’ve gone to sleep at 5 or later. And every time
it’s been because of video games. Crazy ol’ addictive video games. Well
only one time has it been myself playing.

A week ago from Friday, there was the guys video game night at my place.
Video games all night long! Slept at 5. Woke up at 8:30. I blame the
guys for that. And then on Thursday night, I played Max Payne 2 til 6
in the morning. I blame Jenn and Yvonne for this one. I was going to
go to sleep at 3, but then I saw Jenn on AIM, so I started chatting
with her. And then after she logged off, I was awake again. I told
Yvonne that I’d try to give her a wake-up call at 4, so I figured I
might as well keep playing Max Payne to pass the time. So I did. And
then I got hooked. Thanks, Jenn! Thanks Yvonne! =) And then last night
I stayed up playing Halo with Sam at Yvonne’s house. Yeah. We beat the
game in one day. I was at a point where I needed to finish the game.
I couldn’t go home, cause I could feel it was getting close to the end.
Finally when 5:00 rolls around, we finally finish the game. I blame
Sam for keeping me up. Thanks, Sam. And of course the last two times
I did this, I had work the next day. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel so
bad on Friday. And I don’t feel so bad today either.

I’m glad that day lights saving time is over. I got me another hour worth
of sleep. And I totally need it tonight. It was funny cause both Jenn and
I didn’t know that the clock was moving back tonight. Like if there wasn’t
any youth fellowship, both of us would have been early for church tomorrow.
And since we’re both on worship team, we would have been two hours early.
Good thing Pastor Dan told us tonight.

I have to prepare for my Sunday school lesson now. I totally forgot until
I was just about to come home. *sigh* Yvonne and I went to go pick up
Sam in OC tonight after youth fellowship. And after learning that we had
an extra hour, I was totally happy. I thought we’d be getting in late and
not be able to do anything. Or if we do, we’d get no sleep and stuff. Well.
I guess I ain’t getting much sleep tonight anyways. After picking him up,
we went over to Monterey Park to eat at IHOP with Jenn and Gundy.

Youth fellowship was alright. Games and worship was good. Small group
seemed kind of off today. Like they just didn’t seem into it. Oh well.

It’s funny. I didn’t realize it until tonight when Jenn said so. But
we basically spent the entire day together. Like we had worship team
practice at 9. After practice, the worship team minus Rachel plus Pastor
Dan and Annjanette went to lunch. And then Jenn and I went to run errands
and prepare for youth fellowship during the afternoon among other things.
And then there was youth fellowship. And then there was that break for
two hours when Yvonne and I went to go pick up Sam. And then we headed
back over there to go to IHOP. And that really is the whole day. From
start to finish. Funny. And I didn’t even realize it til late today.

Alright. I guess I should finish my Sunday school lesson.

vonnywang: hey. when do you have time to watch alias
jaaph: Umm… i thought you were like not sleeping for four days straight.
jaaph: I’m in Chicago from Friday night until late sunday.
jaaph: So i’m probably not going to see it before this week’s episode.
vonnywang: oh okay. i’m okay now though. i just got back from a youth meeting. and talking to sam
vonnywang: he’s coming down this weekend
vonnywang: nice monkey.
jaaph: He’s coming down this weekend?
vonnywang: yup
jaaph: He doesn’t tell ME these things. <sniff, sniff>
vonnywang: he’s going to be down til wednesday
jaaph: Tell him i hate him.
jaaph: Even if i see him next week. I still hate him.
vonnywang: i already did
vonnywang: i hate him too
jaaph: Bwahahaha.
jaaph: But i hat ehim more, because he’s not my puppet.
vonnywang: so he’s my puppet?
jaaph: He’s coming down this weekend, isn’t he?
vonnywang: he’s coming down for a wedding and his sister’s birthday
jaaph: Sure he is.
jaaph: You’re just saying that to make me hate him less.
jaaph: But you can’t.
vonnywang: well… i guess i am the puppet master
vonnywang: =)
jaaph: I guess so.
jaaph: But not me! I’m not your puppet! See? I still hate Sam.
vonnywang: of course you’re my puppet. =)
jaaph: Umm… so…
vonnywang: dude. how can i be the puppet master if i don’t control you?
jaaph: You guys enjoy Alias. I’ll read the recaps online.
jaaph: Umm… because i’m no puppet.
vonnywang: yeah, you are dude
jaaph: Go to SLEEP!
vonnywang: i need to go home first, dude.
jaaph: Ask Sam when he’s free.
jaaph: Where are you?
vonnywang: i’m at yvonne’s house. =)
jaaph: Stop calling me “dude”. You’re a freak.
jaaph: Jerk!
jaaph: I hate you, too, Chris!
jaaph: I thought all this time you were Yvonne!
jaaph: I hate you. So. Much.

Max Payne is an addictive game. I told Jenn again that I was going to sleep,
but yet here I am, still awake. And of course I get IM’d at 2:40 in the
morning by some crazy fool. Oh. It’s just Yvonne. Poor Yvonne. She’s
just told me she didn’t get any sleep last night cause she was working on a
paper. And now she’s not going to get any sleep tonight cause of another
paper. So she’s going to show up at the youth meeting tomorrow having been
up for like 60 hours straight. Poor Yvonne… =(