I was listening to Jim Rome yesterday when Jeff and I hit traffic going
to work on the 605. Of course we stop underneath the power lines which
caused some interference on the radio. I hear in the background a song

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are gray.
You’ll never know dear how much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Oh wow. What a beautiful song, right? Well that’s what I thought.
That is until Jenn told me what the second verse was. Have you heard
it before?

(00:45:21) jennyoshi630: the other night, dear, as I lay sleeping I dreamt
I held you in my arms. But when I woke up I was mistaken and I hung my
head and I cried.

Dude!! So I went and looked up the rest of the song this morning. It
gets even worse!! He goes on about how his lover leaves him for another.
What the heck?! I’m never ever going to sing this song again. This
ain’t no happy song.

I need to get someone to redesign my page. Cause I suck at it! I can
do the programming. I just need someone to lay out my site for me.

My hair is too short. Friendster is crack.

I spent most of the night watching Jenn and her volleyball team play.
Some of the junior high girls were suppose to play, but they had too
much homework. =( It was fun nonetheless. They tell me through
their first 9 games, they’ve only one once. So I’m expecting some
crappy play. But man. They go out and win their first game. They
certainly don’t look like a team that’s 1-8.

I leave for Phoenix tomorrow. National Youth Worker’s Conference.
It’s going to be awesome. I’m going to lose my voice by the time
it’s all over. Shane Barnard, Chris Tomlin, Third Day, more worship
and stuff. On Sunday night there’s going to be the Passion worship.
And then of course when I get back on Monday, I’m going to go to the
Passion worship again in Orange county. And then there’s the Reliant
K concert on Tuesday. And then there’s the free Jeremy Camp concert
next Sunday in Diamond Bar. Man. So many things to do!

And oh yeah. There’s the whole junior high ministry stuff at the
conference. Yeah…

It’s been a pretty good weekend. Fun times.

Yesterday was a great day. I had the morning and afternoon off. Only
thing on the schedule was youth fellowship at night. So I woke Jenn
up at 11:30 and then I went over to Flora’s car wash. (Jenn and I
were suppose to meet there, but someone couldn’t wake up in time. =) )
I got my car washed and man. I think they jacked up my car. Like
the hood of my car ain’t suppose to shine and have reflections.
Something is wrong with it.

I went over to Jenn’s house afterwards and we went to Pink’s Hollywood.
mmm mmm mmm… They got some good hot dogs. Of course there’s this
huge line waiting for hot dogs, so we figure we might as well get two
each, right? Like if we only get one and are still hungry, we ain’t
going to wait in line again. So we better get it now. Yeah. They
are good hot dogs, but we made a big mistake. Like there is no reason
for us to get 3 *spicy* polish sausages. And boy did we pay a price
for it. They is some spicy sausages. We just couldn’t finish them
cause they so spicy. And it’s not that we don’t like spicy. It’s just
too freakin’ spicy. We had a rough lunch. It was good though. But

Jenn and I have a lot of food places that we need to go to. I need to
write the down so I can remember. We still need to get those buffalo
wings for Hooters. We’ve been talking about those as long as we have
been talking about Pink’s. And then there’s my brother’s restaurant,
Greenfields, Lawry’s, Hawaiian Island BBQ or something, buffets, and
some other places I’m sure I’m forgetting about. So much food. So
little time.

Later in the day we went to Pasadena to go to some tea shop so Jenn
could buy a birthday gift. Yeah. Tea shops ain’t my thing. Not
that there’s anything wrong with them. It just ain’t my thing. But
there was a Hooters around the corner. It got me thinking about
buffalo wings. mmmm… buffalo wings…

Youth fellowship was good. Nothing notable until we split up to
Agape and Matthew. We had our dart tic-tac-toe game. Oh my goodness.
So Jenn and I went to buy balloons before fellowship, and after we
got them, we had to set up for the game. Of course Jenn misread the
instructions and it said to make two tic-tac-toe boards of balloons,
not one. So we had just enough balloons for one game. We were going
to play more, but if we ain’t got the balloons, then we can’t. Of
course I guess it was okay that we didn’t play more games, cause it
took FOREVER to finish that first one. Daisy and her crazy throwing.
I don’t know how many times one person can throw a pencil off the
balloon and have it bounce 10 feet away at the wall. Dangerous.

And then there was Sharon again. Prayer time. Always the best time.
It came to her turn to pray.
Sharon: *something* *something* balloons
Everyone: Hahahaha…
Daisy: …Hahahaha
Sharon: Shut up!


After fellowship, Jenn, Yvonne, John and I went to Regent Cafe. We
had a good time picking on Yvonne. I was telling them about the
brawl and well, Yvonne wasn’t too happy about it. She spit on me.
Not just once. But twice! I guess I did deserve it though. I was
really mean to her. I’ll make it up to her though.

Today was friends day at church. Dewi came by. =) We went to
Shakey’s for lunch. No more stealing Mojos from me, Jenn! I stole
one of hers today! Ha! And then she tried to steal my last Mojo.
Oh no you don’t! As we struggled for my last Mojo, I didn’t know
what to do… except… lick her. Ewww!! Hahaha! Yvonne got
me good though. She pointed at the other direction and asked “does
that kid look familiar?” I looked away and I turned back to wonder
who she was talking about, only to see her eating one of my Mojos.
Oooh.. You’re going to get it! You’re blacklisted too!

And then a bunch of us went to watch Matchstick Men. Well not a
bunch. But me, Yvonne, Julia, Jeff, the Dings, Pat, John and Dewi.
Pretty good movie. We went to dinner at BJs. I wonder what Dewi
thought of today. I got some crazy friends, and I ain’t all that
normal myself. You got some licking, some Mojo stealing, some
spider throwing. All in normal Sunday.

Who would win in a fight?

Takako, Clara, Jeff Chan, Bel, Stan, Gail, Chewy and Patches
Me, Yvonne, Jenn, Jeff Su, Eric, Ros, Tommy and Elie

Here’s how I figure it. My team will smoke Takako’s. If we just pair
off people, we’ll see that I have the advantage.

Tommy and Elie will easily defeat Chewy and Patches. Chewy runs away
when scared. Patches is too skinny to take on either Tommy or Elie.

Animals: Advantage – Me

Now if we just pair off the people. Jenn and Takako are about even.
So no advantage there. I would say the same for Gail and Ros. That
leaves the rest. Jeff and Stan are pretty even. Bel might be bigger
than Eric, but no one ever saw Eric fight like I did. He’ll fight
dirty too. He’ll shank you when you ain’t looking. Yvonne is pretty
much a guy, so she can take on Jeff Chan with no problems. And then
that leaves me on Clara. And that’s where the match is going to be

I’ve got the animal advantage and the human advantage. Two words:

Game Over.

Jars Of Clay comes out with new album November 4.
Justin McRoberts comes out with a new album late October/early November.

Lots of music on it’s way!


Ever since the retreat, I’ve been all tired at night. It’s only 1 and
I’m about dead. Last night I slept at 11:30. This is ridiculous. I
don’t sleep that early.

Last night I had a funky dream. It was me and Jenn and four other
random dudes that I didn’t know. But if you ever watched Cube, then
it was like we were in the Cube. Trapped rooms. People dying. Good
thing the people dying were people I didn’t know. I’d be sad if Jenn
died. Apparently I don’t die in dreams, cause I’ve never have before.
But anyways, we got to the last room and in the middle of the room is
this D&D box. So there are 3 of us left, me, Jenn and one last random
dude. So we leave the room to enter a big ol’ park. And now we’re armed
with swords and shields. And of course there’s this big nasty dog, 20
feet tall attacking us. We kill it. A demon thingy attacks us. Kills
the last random dude. And we take off running. Etc, etc… That’s
the end of my dream. Pretty cool.

I spent tonight over at Yvonne’s place watching movies. We watched
She’s All That and We Were Soldiers. Two quite different movies.
And yes, She’s All That is that teeny bopper movie with Freddie Prince
Jr and Rachael Leigh Cook. It’s actually a pretty good movie even
though I know exactly how the movie is going to go. It’s actually

Too sleepy. Bed calls my name. I have blinds again!!!

The CareerInC retreat was awesome. It’s been a while since I’ve had so
much fun. Bible study was great. Small group was awesome. Worship
was great and a disaster. And we got a lot of Napoleon in.

There were so many great moments during the weekend that I can’t
remember them all now. I’m going to need some other people’s help
to remember them. The one I distinctly remember was yesterday on the
pontoon boat and the jet skis. Our pontoon boat had trouble getting
going. We backed out of the port about 10 feet when the engine died.
Jeff got it started back up after a few minutes, and we were on our
way. For another 100 feet that is. We couldn’t even got out of the
5 mph zone. The 5 mph buoy was sitting there in front of us taunting
us. I guess it’s a good thing it died there rather than in the middle
of the lake where we’d have more trouble finding help.

And we also had a jet ski too. It was a tandem jet ski, so we went out
in pairs. So after a couple of pairs went out, Jenn and Tessa got on
the jet ski. So Jenn is driving first and after a while, they stop in
the middle of the lake to switch positions. Now Yvonne and Bel didn’t
have problems switching. Stan and Sherman didn’t have any problems.
Jenn on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. So in the process of switching
positions, Jenn loses her balance on the jet ski. So rather than tipping
over the jet ski, she eats it and falls into the water. I love Jenn.
She’s so hilarious.

Of course I shouldn’t be talking. Pastor Dan and I were the last ones
on the jet ski. I don’t know why we were having so many problems with
it, but we could not get stable on that jet ski. We almost ate it like
10 times. I was sure we were going to tip that thing over. I was
surprised we didn’t.

Last night we played a lot of cards. We played some Texas Hold ‘Em.
I did well. I came the big winner. We played for about 2 hours til
11 last night. And then we moved on to Napoleon. Napoleon is such
fun game. Jenn, Yvonne, John, Ros and I played Napoleon til about
4:30 in morning until Ros finally had to call it a night. The rest
of us continued to play some Spades til about 5:45. Yeah. We saw
the dark skies were no longer dark. Jenn and I were pushing them to
keep on playing. The next morning’s program started in 4 hours, and
Jenn and I hadn’t practiced our worship set. And we were both driving
later in the day, so I don’t know if staying up that late was the
wisest decision we made. But I tell you, I’d still do it every time.

Worship was awesome this weekend. Only problem this weekend was
stupid Media Shout. During worship, Media Shout would crash
multiple times. It made leading worship a lot more difficult. But
I think it still went well.

Why am I still up?