I was trying to get Jenn to go get a dress in West Hollywood. I don’t
think she’s going to do it. She’s not as easily convinced as Yvonne is.
Jenn don’t need the money.

Man. Kids write too much. I don’t read their blogs for a few days, and
they’ve got essays for me to read.

I’m in the process of cleaning my room. I’ve been steadily cleaning it
since 8:00. It’s almost done. I cleaned out most of my closet, so the
bulk of the work is done. All my clothes are put and all the trash has
been thrown away. Now it’s just the little stuff like papers and CDs
and stuff that I need to figure out a place for. Now my mom won’t be
able to yell at me for some time. Well, at least not yell at me for
having a messy room. =)

The beach rally was good yesterday. I can’t really say I like the beach
all that much, but every time I go, I sure enjoy it. It’s always fun
to hang out with people. And taunt the waves. It’s a good thing I
didn’t bring my phone out to the ocean, cause I probably would have pulled
a Sharon. Those waves almost took me out a few times. A few nights before,
Takako and Robin and other people in the chat room were talking about
these marble drinks. I wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation,
but I do remember them chatting about it for a long time. I finally got
to see what all the fuss was about yesterday. And boy, those drinks are
good! I should have kept one of the bottles so I could get the marble out,
but I forgot. Oh well.

I think I’m addicted to AIM. I think I’m going to take a week off from
AIM, except for work. I’m going to have to set it up so I block everyone
but people from work. I won’t start until the Ensenada missions trip. I
figure it’ll be easier for me then too, since probably 80 percent of my
chatting is on that trip (Jenn, Sharon). That way I won’t miss AIM as
much. Yeah. Let’s see if I can do it. And then I can use the free time
I have at home to do less addicting stuff. Like video games and TV.

Or maybe I should start reading. I’ve gotten like half a dozen books
from church people over the last year and a half. Maybe I should try to
read. I’ll start with this one. God is in the Small Stuff. Tom gave
me this during service for something, but I forgot why. Youth? Retreat?
I don’t know. I’ll read it though.

I remembered a little bit of my dreams last night. It’s the first time I can
remember any part of my dream in months. I guess I dreamt about things that’s
been on my mind lately.

The first dream, we were playing Halo. And I hear this beep from a Nextel
phone. So Bryan answers it and starts talking on his phone. And then my
phone rings. My real phone. Wakes me up. Oh wait. I really did get
beeped. Bryan just answered it in my dream.

After I got woken up, I went back to sleep. I don’t remember anything
from it except that it had to do with me and Jenn and pirates. Ahoy, mate.
Arrrr!!! I think we saw like pirates or something on a boat or something.
Or maybe we were pirates.

Ahoy, Walie feet!

I went to watch Pirates again tonight. Good again.

Sharon gave me 3 boxes of Tic Tacs. Now I can see how she ate 6 of them in
a day. These things are like nothing.

It has been a pretty good day. Relaxing day at work. 😉

I took Sharon and Daisy and Eugene to go watch Pirates of the Carribean
tonight. Elf boy is nasty. The movie is pretty good though. Good thing
too, cause I’m going to watch it again tomorrow with Jenn, Takako, Gail
and Ros.

After the movie, we went to Chilis to eat. It’s Sharon’s birthday today,
so Daisy wanted to pick a place where the people would sing. So I chose
Chilis. Of course once I told the waitress, she told us that they don’t
do that anymore, cause like there was a complaint or something. So I
was kind of disappointed. That was until they came out singing with a
milkshake in hand. Surprised me too. Apparently she had been mistaken.
They could sing happy birthday song, but only 3 employees could do it at
a time.

Sharon got torn up by the food. So after dinner, she still had most of
her strawberry lemonade and milkshake left. So we decided to do what
came most naturally. Mix them together. It had a kind of weird taste.
Like you could taste the strawberry lemonade at first and then the
chocolate taste will kick in later. Of course we had to keep adding
more. Added some sugar. Got some of that apple sauce. And it still
tasted alright. Put in a french fry. Okay… Add some ketchup. Lots
of ketchup. GROSS! That ketchup ruined everything. It just left a
taste in your mouth that would last for minutes. And it wasn’t a
pleasant taste. Yuck!

Daisy posted the exact same post that I was going to post. But just
because she had it first, doesn’t mean I can’t have it too.

daizie100490: ORLANDO BLOOM IS HOT!!!
l1nu5: elf boy is nasty
daizie100490: rite
l1nu5: no. he’s nasty
daizie100490: cute
l1nu5: nasty
daizie100490: CUTE
l1nu5: NASTY
daizie100490: CUTE
l1nu5: NASTY
daizie100490: CUTE!!!
l1nu5: NASTY!!!
daizie100490: !!!CUTE!!!
l1nu5: NASYT!!!
daizie100490: HAHHAA

l1nu5: NASTY!!!!!!!!!!
daizie100490: CUTE!!!!
l1nu5: NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
daizie100490: CUTE
l1nu5: NASTY!!
daizie100490: hes cute n we all know it
daizie100490: CUUUUTE!!!
daizie100490: ~
l1nu5: he’s gross dude
daizie100490: no hes CUUUTE!!!!!
daizie100490: elf boys r cuute
daizie100490: they r lil elvz
daizie100490: yvonne wants an elf?
l1nu5: i think she said, “i could use an elf” or something like that
l1nu5: or “i want an elf”
l1nu5: i don’t remember the exact words
l1nu5: but it was somethign like that
daizie100490: hhahahaha
daizie100490: nappy hair is kool
l1nu5: no. nappy hair is gross
daizie100490: BUT HES CUTE
l1nu5: like the only way he can possibly look decent is by giving him long blond hair, and giving him cool stuff to do with the bow.
l1nu5: you take away that bow, and what you got left?
daizie100490: ahh
l1nu5: a stupid elf boy
daizie100490: HAHAHAHAH
daizie100490: he aint a stupid elf boy
daizie100490: ok hes an elf boy
daizie100490: but he aint stupid
daizie100490: and hes aint an elf boy in pirates o caribbean
daizie100490: i think
l1nu5: i haven’t seen pirates yet
daizie100490: ehh~
l1nu5: i’m going to watch it tuesday
l1nu5: but i dont’ care.
daizie100490: i think i mite go tomorrow
l1nu5: i still am going to hate him
daizie100490: i heard he looks dang cute in that movie
l1nu5: and he’s still nasty
daizie100490: AHHH!
daizie100490: HES CUUTE!!!!!!!!!~~~
daizie100490: 😀
l1nu5: he’s gross
daizie100490: no he is cute:-P
l1nu5: he’s nasty
l1nu5: and gross
l1nu5: and disgusting
daizie100490: thats cause ur a dude
daizie100490: i think

Emily went to Sunday school! Yay! Finally! After months and months of
bugging her to go, she finally came. =) One word: videos.

Tiffany: Jenn laughs loud. Then she makes me laugh.

Like I’ve said before, Jenn’s joy is contagious.

Now this one says I’m an SJ. Didn’t give me the other two letters. Stupid

I took another personality test. ISFP. I wonder what I was last time. I
think I was different, but I don’t remember.