Sweet. My Speakeasy DSL is *finally* up. Now let’s see how easy it
is to upgrade. =)

I played Neverwinter Nights with Jenn last night. We didn’t get very far.
She didn’t know what she was doing and I booted her character which of
course erased her character too. *sigh* =( Next time will be better.

I was tempted to buy MOO3 today. It was only 12.90 at some store. Dude!
I wanted to buy it before, but I couldn’t justify spending 40 bucks for
a game I wasn’t going to play much. But 13 bucks?!? I could buy that.
Well, let me check the reviews first. I haven’t heard anything about
this new one. Like I was just going to pull based on how good the first
MOOs were. Oh wow! MOO3 sucks so you say. Maybe I should see what
the users say. I want to know what the old MOO users say about this
game. They should know better. Oh! It really does suck that bad.
Alright. I saved myself 13 bucks.

Another day at Disneyland. It was much better today than Mother’s Day.
It was unexpectedly quite empty at the park today, which is all the
better for us. I think most of the lines were like 10-15 minutes long.
Well the Splash Mountain line was still long, but we got our fastpass
and got on late late afternoon. I’ve only been on that ride once
before, so I didn’t remember what a cool ride that was. And Clara
told us to go the Abraham Lincoln show thingy. Wow! She was right!
That thing IS cool! On the right side of main street, right at the
entrance, is the History with Abe Lincoln thingy. It’s all new and
it’s cool. And I bet no one knows about it! You’ve got to go watch
it the next time you go to Disneyland people! Go!

This will probably be the last time I go to Disneyland for a while.
Yvonne’s pass ends this month and besides, she won’t be around for
most of the summer anyways. And plus all my July and most of my August
are blocked off. So even if she was around, I couldn’t go anyway.
I guess I’ll just have to wait til September to go. My pass won’t
be blocked out like crazy and Yvonne will be back at that time.

This weekend has been pretty darn good I must say. We had Takako’s
birthday/coming back/finishing internship party on Friday for
fellowship. Yesterday was a great day. We got to play Halo
all afternoon. We finally got the 8 on 8 game going. We had
a battle for the ages. 4+ hours long. We finally pulled though
by capturing the last flag. I ended up with 270+ kills. It was
an epic battle. I winded up only playing 3 games that day in six
hours. That last game just took way too much time. Aftewards
I went to watch Finding Nemo. That was a great movie. I think
I might go watch it again. =)

I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Work just seems like such a
drag after having such a good weekend. Two good weekends in a row.
Next week is grad luncheon. I have a feeling next weekend is going
to be good too.

Yvonne and I are planning on going to Youth Specialties National
Youth Workers Conference in Phoenix in September.



I just looked up the schedule and Shane and Shane are leading worship
at Phoenix! And Third Day is going to be there! Oh dang!!! If you
could only see me jumping around for joy a few minutes ago!

Anyways! Yeah, so Yvonne and I are planning on going to the conference
in September. As far as I know, the only other people I know who are
going are Ros and Pastor Cecil from New Life, so Yvonne tells me. I’ll
definitely have a different mindest going into this conference. Last
year I was just starting youth ministry, so I was going to all these
seminars on for newbies and stuff. It was great at the time, but I
need something different this time. I think the area I feel I need
a lot more work in is leading small groups. Or maybe getting my boys
to talk. They might be one in the same. I already know what super-
seminar I’m going to. Chris Tomlin’s “the Effective Worship Leader.”
This youth worker’s conference is going to be so awesome! I hope
more people come. =)