Today has been pretty relaxing. I took a four hour nap after I got home
from church. And then I went to eat with Jeff, Eric, Cory and Jeremy.
And then we played some Lord of the Rings Risk. Filthy hobbits. I can’t
stand them. I got home and chatted with Jenn. And that was my day.

I need to read up on some of the youth camp stuff. Eric ain’t going to
be in my cabin this year, which means I’m going to have to be leading
small groups. Man!

Eric/Jeff’s mail server is all wacky. Mail hasn’t been able to send out
since Friday. Fix it, Eric!

I’ve been too lazy to try to write, so I’ll try to tonight.

It’s been another good two days. Praise God for giving me such
great joy in my life. I can’t think of a time where I’ve been
happier. It’s just so easy to find joy in life. And it’s been
like this for the past month. Ever since I had that chat with
Jenn that one night, it all turned around. I was all down and
depressed for a month. And now I’m all joyful for a month. Let’s
just hope it stays this way. =)

Last night we had an evangelism outing out at the Monrovia
farmer’s market. Now I ain’t never done this before. Go out
and share the gospel with complete strangers. Like I don’t
talking to strangers in general, but we’re suppose to share the
gospel with them too? Oh man. Very intimidating. Very scary.

But God is so awesome! So Rachel and I were paired up and we
didn’t know who to approach. Like it seemed everybody was busy
doing stuff or eating or talking. So we were standing on this
street corner, and there was this fighting, well more like yelling
going on between these two groups of people. Foolish high schoolers.
Rachel is like, “they need God too, don’t they?” Umm… yeah
they do, but I ain’t talking to them. So there were two other
ladies standing there, and Rachel walks up to them and starts
talking to them. Well to make a long story short, she accepted
Christ. God is so awesome! Like God totally prepared her for
it too. Like her friend was Sunday school teacher, but she wasn’t
a Christian yet. So not only did she accept Christ, but she has
a great person to have to follow up with her. How amazing is
that! And then we found out the Jenn also brought someone to
Christ! Praise God!

And then today was a long day. But I enjoyed it. I had the youth
meeting at 8:30 this morning. And then afterwards, we had our
yearly cleanup at church. It took longer than expected, since
fewer people showed up than expected. But it was still good.
I didn’t leave til 2:00. I got home, took a half hour nap, and
then headed back out to church again for worship practice. After
worship practice, we had youth fellowship. And then dinner with
some of the kids. And now I’m here. Fun day, but a long one!
Dang. I think I spent 11 hours at church today. Wow.

Alright. Must sleep.

This upgraded DSL is nice. I can actually do X stuff over the net now.

I watched The Two Towers tonight with Jenn. Bryan got a DVD rip of the
Two Towers off the net. The quality is very nice. It’s fun watching
Lord of the Rings with Jenn and having her say, “I’m a ranger” in that
voice of hers. It’s fun complaining how Legolas gets all the cool stuff
in the movie and how Gimli gets jacked. And it’s fun making fun of
Legolas about him being a pretty boy. That fool don’t sweat at all the
entire movie. Aragorn on the other hand is all banged up and cut up
and sweaty and dirty. Now I know both of y’all fighting in a battle.
Now why ain’t you all dirty, Legolas? No wonder all the girls like you.
You get all the cool stuff and you always pretty. That just ain’t right.
You know something is wrong when you get Yvonne saying, “I want an elf.”

I’ll have to go with Jenn and root for Aragorn. Legolas gets too much
attention, and plus that fool is NASTY in real life. I’d root for
Gimli, but he’s got no chance to make it big, not with the way they
made his character. And plus he’s a dwarf.

Jenn and I can’t wait for the last one. It’s going to be good.

I just got IM’d by some random girl asking me if I could answer some
of her questions. Hmm… okay. Asking me questions about abortion,
capital punishment and euthanasia. Shoot! Like I’d like to help
more, but those questions require a large amount of detail. So I just
gave my opinions, or tried to at least. Oh what you think about it
Biblically? Oh man. Like if you give me time, I’ll bust out some
verses for you, but I just ain’t got that time. That’s all she asked.
Oh well.

Sweet. My DSL got upgraded to 1.5/768. Now my connection be nice.
Now If I host my website, it’ll only take 5 seconds to pull up. =)

It has been a pretty fun weekend.

I had the grad luncheon yesterday. Well first I had worship practice at
8 in the morning and then the grad luncheon was 11:30. So worship practice
ended at around 9:30. And of course I was in charge of decorations for
the grad luncheon, so I still had to go buy some stuff. And of course my
gifts for the 8th graders still hadn’t been wrapped, so I had to do that
too. And then I had go actually go decorate the place. Not quite enough
time for me.

I didn’t leave church to go buy gifts til 9:45, so I’m pushing it already.
I get to Party America only to find myself lost in the place. Buying
decorations can be very intimidating for a man that has never done it.
So after about 5 minutes walking franticly through the store, walking
down the similar looking aisles, I stop and calm myself down. Just take
your time and buy your decorations. I find all my decorations and I
leave at 10:20. Oh man. Hour and 10 minutes left.

I hurry over to Yvonne’s house cause she was busy buying wrapping paper
in the morning. Get there around 10:30 and we start wrapping. I’ve
got seven kids. So that’s 7 CDs and 7 journals I need to wrap. Now
how long can that take? 20, 25 minutes? So that should leave with about
20 minutes to decorate, right? Oh man. I didn’t leave her place til
11:20. Time to hurry to church.

11:25. 5 minutes before the luncheon is suppose to start. No decorations
up. Must hurry. Must recruit people to help put up decorations. Jess,
you it! Oh you can help too, Clara and Takako! I love those girls. I
have no decoration skill at all. I didn’t put any skill points into it.
Is that something that’s taught in girl school?

And oh yeah. I still don’t know what I’m going to say about the kids.
Well, I’ve got stuff for Julie, but Daniel? I don’t know quite what to
say. And I’ve got no verses for them. Well, thanks Jenn! Thanks for
a verse! Still don’t know what to say for Daniel. Hmm… now where
is he? Oh you ain’t coming? You going to watch a movie?!? Dude it’s
grad luncheon! It’s for you!!! I’d rather find something to say than
forget about it, but I just have to forget about it.

Grad luncheon went off pretty well seeing how we didn’t do much
planning. It’s all God’s grace that it went well.

Last night my car wouldn’t start. Bummer. Still can’t start.

I didn’t have my car for the day, so I was hitching rides with
whover I could. Jeff drove me to church. Jenn drove me around
the rest of the day. Jeff drove me home.

Jamie and Jason’s wedding was today. I don’t know if I’ve said it
before, but if I have, I’ll say it again. I love weddings. I like
dressing up. I love the atmosphere. I love seeing the big ol’ smile
on the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle. It was a good
wedding. Funny moments. From Albert talking to Jamie and Jason’s
mis-kiss. Apparently, they didn’t practice the kissing part in the
rehearsal, so when the Pastor whispered for them to kiss, only Jason
heard it. So when he tried to kiss her, it caught Jamie by surprise.
Now this is only what I heard. Funny even if it’s not totally correct.

It was fun at the reception. I got another garter belt. I shouldn’t
have gotten it. Jeff leapt for it and it got knocked out of his hands
and in front of the two guys next to me. As soon as they go reach for
it, they pull back, both not wanting to grab it. So what seems like
10 seconds of them not wanting to grab it. I snatch it off the ground.
Number 2.

Man. It’s only midnight and I feel so tired. Time to sleep.

You ain’t Frodo, Eric. You Bilbo. You punk Bilbo.

My head hurts. My elbow hurts. And my butt is wet.

Tonight we went out to celebrate Bel’s birthday in Pasadena. We went out
to eat at Ruby’s Diner, I think that’s what it’s called. And then we
headed out to go ice skating. Oh man.

I’ve never been ice skating in my life. I’ve never done anything that
could possibly prepare to go ice skating. No roller skating. No roller
blading. Nothing.

I was a little hesistant to go, but Flora convinced me since it was her
first time too. Bilbo came up behind, getting in line, acting like he
was going to pay for admission too. Cool. I’m not the only dude who’s
going to be ice skating. I pay and when it’s time for Bilbo to pay, he
walks right through, never ever planning on ice skating. Oh, I hate you
tricksy hobbitses.

Ice skating ain’t easy. That’s a workout! I ate a few times tonight.
I would have ate it a few more times if Jenn was there for me to grab
onto. The last fall was the one that did me in, even if I didn’t know
it at the time. I just remember slamming on my back hard and watching
my glasses fly into the air. It didn’t hurt at the time, but I can
feel it now.

Grad luncheon tomorrow. Got worship practice in the morning. And then
I have to finish buying decorations for grad luncheon. I need to finish
up my talks on the kids. And I need to wrap gifts. At least I’ll have
the afternoon and evening off. =)

I watched Phone Booth and Gangs of New York today. Phone Booth is a
pretty intense movie. Very short. Gangs of New York was alright.
The ending was retarded though. And Leonardo is a horrible actor.
It’s been a while since I’ve been able to watch some movies.