Today was such a fun day. Tired now, but it was a great day. Started
out the day rock climbing with the youth fellowship. We had 18 kids,
I believe, that showed up. I was helping out belaying people. I think
that was just as much fun as the actually rock climbing. Well, maybe
not. I was belaying the route no one could climb. Everyone failed
to make it up mine. Everyone except Yvonne of course. She’s such
a stud. But even Yvonne struggled with it. And apparently that was
a 5.7 (easy) route. Look. You the only one to get up there, Yvonne.
You still the man! And I didn’t drop her! Our youth group was kind
of weak though. A lot of them dropped out early. “Oh my arms” and
whatnot. Weaklings. =)

Afterwards, Jenn and I took the junior high kids to go watch Finding
Nemo. Still a great movie. I think most of the kids enjoyed it.

Then after that Jenn, Sharon, Daniel and Jenn’s friend, Jeron, came
over to play some Neverwinter Nights. Man, it can get a little crowded
in that computer room. Daniel doesn’t seem to have the patience to
play that game. Sharon looked bored. Or tired. Or both. I hope
she does get into it though. I did convince her to buy the game.
I don’t want her wasting her money and all. And she can’t even get
it to work on the net. Stupid Gamespy.

Good day. Fun day. Tomorrow should be good too.