Posted on Rasheed:

Story 1: Tuesday, August 26, 1997

The days before had been a rough. I had just moved into Foothill
and I was living next door to an evil RA named Yvonne. It was
going to be a rough year. Last night, my roommate moved in and
his boxes were still on the floor.

We had a nice fridge in our room. So my roommate and I headed out
to Target in the afternoon to stock up the fridge. We return 48
cans of Mountain Dew.

That night we ate in the dining commons, my first night eating
there while living in Foothill. Now the DC (as the students
called it) at Foothill was suppose to be slightly better than the
ones over in the units, so I heard. From the food selection that
night, it looks as if that theory was wrong. I had a salad and
some chicken fajitas. The chicken fajitas killed my appetite.
It was time to stop eating.

In the middle of the night, I begin to feel this weird feeling in
my stomach, a feeling that I don’t ever seem to remember getting.
So I just continue to try to sleep it off. Eventually this pain
will go away, right? I close my eyes. It could have been seconds.
It could have been minutes. It could have been hours. But it hit
me in a flash, like a lightning bolt. I got up, and headed for
the door.

Wild thoughts were running in my head. What is this feeling I’m
having? What is going on with my stomach? Why am I walking to
the door?

I fall to my knees, grabbing at the nearest box within my reach.
Without hestitation, I put my head over the box and release the
fire that was burning within my stomach. Salad, chicken fajitas,
raspberry ice tea and a little stomach acid fill the luckily empty

I thoroughly clean the room up, cleaning up any residue that may
have fallen on the floor during the adventure. I throw away the
box and return to my room. After throwing up, I begin to feel
the thirst. I am a Berkeley student after all, so I safely decided
that the best way to quench my thirst would be a nice cold Mountain
Dew that’s in the fridge. There shouldn’t be any side effects
after having just thrown up.

I return to my slumber only to be awaken hours later. Another weird
feeling in my stomach. How strange. Twice in one night. Oh, I
remember you. I rush my way to the bathroom, and successfully
release the hot yellowish liquid into the cool refreshing water in
the toilet. Clean up was much easier this time around.

Over 9 years was passed between vommiting. It was time to begin a
new streak. Story 2 to come later.