Who wants to go watch the Hulk on Sunday after youth camp? Don’t listen
to Eric. It can be done! Last year, Yvonne and I went to go watch a
movie after youth camp. We tried to watch Minority Report, but it was
sold out. We watched the Sum of All Fears instead. Hulk on Sunday!
Let’s do it!

Today has been pretty relaxing. I took a four hour nap after I got home
from church. And then I went to eat with Jeff, Eric, Cory and Jeremy.
And then we played some Lord of the Rings Risk. Filthy hobbits. I can’t
stand them. I got home and chatted with Jenn. And that was my day.

I need to read up on some of the youth camp stuff. Eric ain’t going to
be in my cabin this year, which means I’m going to have to be leading
small groups. Man!

Eric/Jeff’s mail server is all wacky. Mail hasn’t been able to send out
since Friday. Fix it, Eric!