Dude, Sam. Not all of us have an infinite amount of time on their hands.
These stories take time to write. It’s an art. You can’t rush art.

It was a good weekend.

Jenn had her BBQ birthday party over at the Norwood place. All I know
is Jenn is a popular girl! I think close to 50 people came tonight.
I mean that’s nothing compared to a Clara Tam birthday party, but
50 ain’t no slouch. And none of the junior high kids came tonight.
There was this Jenn quiz. Eric had the best answers. I have no idea
where Eric comes up with this stuff.

Time to sleep. Back to boring work world tomorrow.

Today was such a fun day. Tired now, but it was a great day. Started
out the day rock climbing with the youth fellowship. We had 18 kids,
I believe, that showed up. I was helping out belaying people. I think
that was just as much fun as the actually rock climbing. Well, maybe
not. I was belaying the route no one could climb. Everyone failed
to make it up mine. Everyone except Yvonne of course. She’s such
a stud. But even Yvonne struggled with it. And apparently that was
a 5.7 (easy) route. Look. You the only one to get up there, Yvonne.
You still the man! And I didn’t drop her! Our youth group was kind
of weak though. A lot of them dropped out early. “Oh my arms” and
whatnot. Weaklings. =)

Afterwards, Jenn and I took the junior high kids to go watch Finding
Nemo. Still a great movie. I think most of the kids enjoyed it.

Then after that Jenn, Sharon, Daniel and Jenn’s friend, Jeron, came
over to play some Neverwinter Nights. Man, it can get a little crowded
in that computer room. Daniel doesn’t seem to have the patience to
play that game. Sharon looked bored. Or tired. Or both. I hope
she does get into it though. I did convince her to buy the game.
I don’t want her wasting her money and all. And she can’t even get
it to work on the net. Stupid Gamespy.

Good day. Fun day. Tomorrow should be good too.


I’ve become the stalker I never wanted to be. Stupid Eric.


Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

Eric got me onto the friendster network. Now I have friends. =)

Neverwinter Nights is such a good game. I called in sick today and played
Neverwinter Nights for much of the day. I’m an archer!

Sharon bought Neverwinter Nights. Need more people!

Cassell for Joe Smith? Is that what my Bucks just traded for? I mean
I know whe got TJ Ford, but come on. Cassell for Joe Smith?

I got Jenn into text messaging. Hehe.

I spent the night being nerdy. Jenn and her friend came over and we played
Neverwinter Nights up til like 15 minutes ago. D&D is cool! It’s very
cool in video game format. We got much further this time around. And
Jenn is getting the hang of it, except when she gets scared fighting the
big bad monsters that kill us. I tell her to run and she freezes up!
Haha! She has me take over when we need to run. We actually got through
the first main quest of the game. Much better than last time.

I think I’m going to go with a sorcerer next.

Youth camp was great this year. I had 3 fifth graders in my cabin this
year. I didn’t really know the three of them and I wasn’t expecting
much from them. But they turned out to be some of the best highlights
of my weekend. 2 of them accepted Christ and the third made a
recommitment. It was so awesome!

Posted on Rasheed:

Story 1: Tuesday, August 26, 1997

The days before had been a rough. I had just moved into Foothill
and I was living next door to an evil RA named Yvonne. It was
going to be a rough year. Last night, my roommate moved in and
his boxes were still on the floor.

We had a nice fridge in our room. So my roommate and I headed out
to Target in the afternoon to stock up the fridge. We return 48
cans of Mountain Dew.

That night we ate in the dining commons, my first night eating
there while living in Foothill. Now the DC (as the students
called it) at Foothill was suppose to be slightly better than the
ones over in the units, so I heard. From the food selection that
night, it looks as if that theory was wrong. I had a salad and
some chicken fajitas. The chicken fajitas killed my appetite.
It was time to stop eating.

In the middle of the night, I begin to feel this weird feeling in
my stomach, a feeling that I don’t ever seem to remember getting.
So I just continue to try to sleep it off. Eventually this pain
will go away, right? I close my eyes. It could have been seconds.
It could have been minutes. It could have been hours. But it hit
me in a flash, like a lightning bolt. I got up, and headed for
the door.

Wild thoughts were running in my head. What is this feeling I’m
having? What is going on with my stomach? Why am I walking to
the door?

I fall to my knees, grabbing at the nearest box within my reach.
Without hestitation, I put my head over the box and release the
fire that was burning within my stomach. Salad, chicken fajitas,
raspberry ice tea and a little stomach acid fill the luckily empty

I thoroughly clean the room up, cleaning up any residue that may
have fallen on the floor during the adventure. I throw away the
box and return to my room. After throwing up, I begin to feel
the thirst. I am a Berkeley student after all, so I safely decided
that the best way to quench my thirst would be a nice cold Mountain
Dew that’s in the fridge. There shouldn’t be any side effects
after having just thrown up.

I return to my slumber only to be awaken hours later. Another weird
feeling in my stomach. How strange. Twice in one night. Oh, I
remember you. I rush my way to the bathroom, and successfully
release the hot yellowish liquid into the cool refreshing water in
the toilet. Clean up was much easier this time around.

Over 9 years was passed between vommiting. It was time to begin a
new streak. Story 2 to come later.

Who wants to go watch the Hulk on Sunday after youth camp? Don’t listen
to Eric. It can be done! Last year, Yvonne and I went to go watch a
movie after youth camp. We tried to watch Minority Report, but it was
sold out. We watched the Sum of All Fears instead. Hulk on Sunday!
Let’s do it!