I was reading the chat wrap with Fred Carter at espn. Yeah. Looks
like he was wrong about the Lakers. Ha!

Nayelly, San Antonio: I think you have forgot about Tony Parker, Fisher cannot
hold him. Parker will get his 20 points and the Spurs will win tonight. What a
game it will be!

Fred Carter: If Tony gets 20 and the Spurs win…I’ll buy you a pizza. If not in
the next chat. Give me my props. Word!

I think someone owes Nayelly a pizza. I got to remember to read the chat
next week.

The Matrix was alright. The action was cool. The plot was weak. But
then again, it wasn’t the plot that made me like the first one either.
At least the first one had an acceptable plot. This one was kind of
weak. I still like the movie. The Matrix is afterall an action film,
not a drama.

Yvonne had problems with the movie. She says she doesn’t know if she
likes it, which means she doesn’t like it. I think she wants to like
it cause it is the Matrix, but she doesn’t really like it. I think
the problem is that Yvonne liked the plot in the first one. And then
she came in looking for a good plot. What a disappointment. Now I
just came in looking for some cool action, and I got it.

Go Spurs!!! Now my season is officially over. It doesn’t matter who
wins anymore. I’m a happy man knowing now that the Lakers ain’t
going to win. Go ahead and cry, Kobe. Go ahead and cry.

Speakeasy is so awesome. I finally switched over my DSL from Verizon.
I’m finally getting that static IP I need. Of course I might not really
need a static IP if Verizon DSL keeps going like it has been. My DSL
is suppose to be a dynamic IP, but I’ve had my IP for like the last 7
months. Well, at least I know I can pull my DSL out of the wall without
having to worry that I’ll lose my IP.

And oh yeah. They have a deal for a free Xbox, free PS2, free digital
camera, or free month of service. I took the camera.

What the?

I finally watched the Survivor finale. Rob is still hilarious. I
wish he would have won.

Heidi looks a little like Natalie Portman with blonde hair.

The next Survivor looks interesting. Those islands are beautiful.

Amazing Race starts up again on May 29. Oh yeah!

Finally go my website back up. Spelling mistakes. Stupid spelling
mistakes. Hopefully no more internal server errors.

I wish I was more effective as a youth counselor.

I got my Disney Visa Card today. Apparently I have pretty good credit.
Don’t know how that happened. But now I can start accruing some Disney
Dream Reward Dollars. I need to start saving up for a cruise!

Cory and I broke NBA Street tonight. Jeff and his Kings was dominating
my Bucks and Cory’s T’Wolves. We had this feeling of hopelessness
playing against Jeff, just like every other basketball game. Chris
Webber just can’t be stopped. He dunks on us like nothing, and
anything we try to take in, we got knocked down. So we try to get
those high trick points for the faster game breakers. Okay. I can
try to do that, but of course I’ve got to get all fancy which just
leads to Jeff stealing the ball from me. Even with me getting 3
gamebreakers on Jeff, he’s still able to kill me. That’s until Cory
and I broke the game.

Okay. We just got to play Jeff style ball. Pure power. Who has that
second player that can match up with Webber? We need that power forward.
Why the Spurs of course! The game is so broken. Robinson and Duncan
are so dominate. All it takes is a little power. And that’s it. All
I did was block shots and dunk the ball. I was unstoppable. The
team with the more power wins. Now if you have equal power teams, then
we have a game. Yup. Game is broken.

*** Survivor Spoiler ***

Stupid Yahoo. I didn’t have a chance to watch the Survivor finale last
night cause I was at Disneyland. I was going to try to avoid news pages
all day today, but of course my homepage is Yahoo. And of course they
show a picture of who won right in front. Stupid Yahoo. What’s the point
of me watching now? Especially since I know who won. And especially
cause it’s the person I didn’t want to win.

Mother’s Day at Disneyland

I went to Disneyland yesterday. It was quite fun. I want to know what
all these people were doing at Disneyland for mother’s day. Don’t you
guys have moms? Why don’t you all go out to a nice restaurant or
something. Don’t come to Disneyland.

I still got another 2 years before I’m a grown up. Go Legos!

Eric and I went to watch the Alias finale tonight at Yvonne’s house. Alias
is sooooo good. Like it just gets me thinking about it. Stupid cliff
hangers. Now I can’t wait for the next season to start.

Afterwards, we watched the second episode of the first season of 24. Man.
They’re so behind. It seems like Eric wasn’t to into it. But that
could be just tonight. 24 is the best show out there. And at least
with 24, it comes to a conclusion. Well at least the first season did.
This second season better too. Otherwise I’m going to be pissed if they
leave me hanging. Now that this season of Alias is over, maybe we’ll
catch up on some 24. I have no idea what else there would be to watch.

NBA Legos are awesome!