Ridiculous. An except from the article:

She says a lot of people are having fun finding new titles for Ernest Hemingway’s
“The Old Man and the Sea” which presents problems with every word except “and” and
“the.” Ravitch said old is ageist, man is sexist and sea can’t be used in case a
student lives inland and doesn’t grasp the concept of a large body of water.

I don’t care what Jeff has to say about Speakeasy. Speakeasy so far has
sucked for me. Like friendly customer service is nice and all, but I’d
much rather have working DSL so I wouldn’t have ever to call customer
service. I might have to start yelling tomorrow, if it doesn’t get

The retreat was excellent even though I didn’t get to go the adult program.
I must say I still had a lot of fun doing the youth stuff. I was leading
small group the junior highers, and of course I had all girls. Mark did
come later, but he was gone sometimes even when he was there.

I definitely expected a more difficult weekend for me. But everything turned
out quite well. I was expecting I had to babysit the kids, but I didn’t
do much of that this weekend. I played a lot of basketball. I played
Lord of the Rings, and Napoleon late late late into the night. Yeah,
it certainly wasn’t a relaxing weekend, it definitely was a fun one.