Stupid DSL. I was suppose to switch over yesterday. They told me
I was only suppose to have 2 hours of downtime. Uh. It’s been over
30 hours now. That’s a little more than 2. I don’t they’ll have
things fixed by tomorrow. I always get these DSL installation problems.
I don’t think I’ve had a smooth installation once, except with
Verio/Northpoint. Of course Northpoint went bankrupt a few months
later, so I don’t know if that’s worse.

Let’s see if I can remember my DSL history. Well I think I first got
it up in Berkeley in January of ’99. We were one of the first to
jump on the DSL bandwagon. I know we were thinking about it the month
before when it was still 90 bucks a month. And even that was tempting.
But we held off, and the next month it dropped to 50 bucks a month.
What a great deal. DSL prices are still the same 4 years later. But
that installation didn’t go smoothly. I think for the first two weeks,
the DSL would constantly get disconnected. It just so happens, the
wiring was messed up. Every time our next door neighbors used the phone,
our DSL would disconnect. It was fixed soon after that.

I moved out to El Sobrante, and that’s when the stupid DSL company that
would never answer back. I was shopping around, and this one place had
the best deal. I think it had static IP, 384 Kbps upstream, 1.5 down,
all for like 60 bucks a month. So I placed an order. It was suppose
to be installed in 4 weeks. I think this event has been documented
earlier. You can read up on it yourselves.

I then got Verio. Smooth installation finally. Up and running in I
think two weeks. Static IP too. And the DSL performance was good. I
remember I was hosting a Counter-Strike server on it, although I was
only getting 768/128 speed. But people’s ping time on the server were
always good. Always in the sub-100 ms area. Of course Northpoint
went bankrupt a few months later. And I had to switch to PacBell.

Installation with PacBell was pretty smooth. I had the old modem from
PacBell from my previous apartment, so I assumed that it would still
work with the new service. Nope. I had to have a technician come in
and test it. She traded my old modem for a new one and it worked. Ha.
The download rates with PacBell were better. I was getting a full 1.5
down. Still 128 up, but for some reason, it just wasn’t as good as
Verio. PacBell did use PPPoE which just totally sucks, so that could
have been the problem. But I know I couldn’t host a Counter-Strike
server on it anymore. Ping times would jump up after like 6 people
joined the server. My old Verio DSL was handling 10 people with no
problem. Oh well.

Back at home. My dad ordered the DSL here from Verizon. Yeah.
Installation sucked here too. I think it took a week before it finally
worked. I don’t know the details, but I remember it took forever for
them to get it to work.

And now I’m on Speakeasy. Or at least I’m suppose to be. I’m just
waiting for it to come up. 31 hours downtime now. At least Speakeasy
has 24 hour customer support. And the sales dude was friendly. The
customer support has been friendly. But what does that matter if I
ain’t got DSL?

Memorial Day Retreat tomorrow at Westmont College. I still can’t believe
I’m the English Youth Director. How I get stuck with this job? DSL
will probably still be down. I expect it to be down all weekend. Oh
well. Not like I can use it anyways.