It’s been a while since I last posted.

Yenting and Cecilia’s wedding was yesterday. It was nice. I love weddings.
I love seeing the big ol’ smile on the groom’s face. Yenting was no

We had our monthly youth meeting tonight. I hate meetings in general, and
knowing that I had to come to this one beforehand made me down this
afternoon. But it’s weird. I don’t think I’ve ever been bored with a
youth meeting. Like it actually pertains to me. It was just cool to
have the rest of the share, even if I didn’t talk much. It was a long
meeting this time, but it didn’t seem long. I think this was the longest
one I’ve been a part of.

Afterwards, Jenn and I went to Carl’s Jr to eat and talk some more. We
were talking about youth ministry and junior higher’s “dating” relationships.
Jenn talked about she was “dating” in junior high. Hilarious. Junior
high ministry is so fun.

Jenn is awesome. She is such great encourager. I had been feeling down
the past couple of weeks, especially after the last two fellowship meetings.
I don’t know if she noticed something or what, but she said exactly what
I needed at the right time.