Poll on ESPN about the Lakers.

1) Who has been most responsible for the Lakers’ dynasty?

46.8% Shaquille O’Neal
37.7% Phil Jackson
8.0% Lady Luck
7.5% Kobe Bryant

Lady Luck beat Kobe Bryant. Ha!


I was reading the chat wrap with Fred Carter at espn. Yeah. Looks
like he was wrong about the Lakers. Ha!

Nayelly, San Antonio: I think you have forgot about Tony Parker, Fisher cannot
hold him. Parker will get his 20 points and the Spurs will win tonight. What a
game it will be!

Fred Carter: If Tony gets 20 and the Spurs win…I’ll buy you a pizza. If not in
the next chat. Give me my props. Word!

I think someone owes Nayelly a pizza. I got to remember to read the chat
next week.