Our system has finally been released! Yay! Well it was released last
week, but this was the big one. Hopefully it’ll be back to easier days
at work.

I watched Vertical Limit over at Yvonne’s house tonight. It’s actually
not a bad flick. It helped that my expectations were very low to
begin with, but it was quite an entertaining movie. Not the greatest
of plots or the greatest of acting, but it was very tense. And of
course it was great watching Yvonne getting all into it even though
she has seen it already. Like I said; it was tense.

So my house is getting painted inside. Half of the downstairs seems
painted, but they’re going to work on upstairs tomorrow. Dude. I don’t
know why we’re going through all this trouble to repaint it. It seems
like such a waste to me. But I guess it ain’t my decision. What makes
me mad is that they’re going to repaint the computer room tomorrow, and
of course I don’t know about this until tonight. And now I’m going to
have to move my servers around and my router around, which means I might
lose my IP doing the move, which means my mail and web server are going
to be down for a while. And that sucks! If I had more time, at least
I could prepare to move my mail. But nope. Hopefully I can move it
without losing my IP. Now if you notice my site isn’t accessible for
a while, then you’ll know why.

Oh my goodness. The spider isn’t dead. It has walked off and disappeared.
I see two legs still on the door, but the body is gone! It’s going to come
in the middle of the night and kill me.

I HATE spiders. I think I just killed the biggest one that I’ve seen in
this house. I sprayed it with some hairspray. Poured some water on it.
And now it’s dead body is hanging on the door. And I don’t want to clean
it up. It’s legs have fallen off. It’s disgusting.

Indiana Jones for the Xbox is a pretty fun game. It’s been a while since
I’ve gotten into a console game.

Marge: So in a few months, both of you will have a brand new brother or sister.
Bart: Been there, done that.
Lisa: I hope it’s a girl.
Bart: You know nothing about genetics, Lis. It goes boy, girl, boy, girl.

Things are crazy! Did you guys know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
are back on TV? It started up again this season. The guys look different.
The logo is different. And they even got a new theme song. Even after
15 years, Fox realizes can ever get better than the Turtles.

The theme song kind of sucks though

I’ve never going back to Hong Kong Express again! I think I got food
poisoning from that stupid restaurant. I slept from 7pm to 7am. I
feel alright now, but now my back hurts from being in bed for so long. =(

I got my web log analizer up. Webalizer is pretty cool Eric. Thanks.

So I’m looking at some of the stats for April. So I’m looking the
top search strings that lead to my site. Check out the top 3.

Freakin’ images.google.com. I did a search for boobs there, and
I didn’t find my image in the results. So how are these people getting

A Huge Deal

I want to get sued. One of our customers is getting threatened to get
sued by these guys over copyright infringement. Oh. So I’m thinking
maybe they stole an image, or some wording, or something along those
lines. But nope! They’re threaten a suit over a link to their site.
And not even anything saying bad about this site. Just links to a
bunch of good deals, and ahugedeal.com is one of them. What’s next?
They going to sue google?

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. A mostly good day. I saw those
independently spinning rims Sam mentioned the other day. Those were cool.

And when Jeff, Bryan and I were coming back from lunch, we saw this dog
sitting next to the wall. But the leash was still on it, and it was hanging
to the other side of the wall. Okay. What the heck?!? We start to walk
into the office, but we stop and look at it. And it stares right back at
us for few seconds, and then it calmly turns around and hops up onto the
six foot wall it was next to. It chills up there for a few seconds looking
around, and then it jumps down to the other side. Now that’s cool.

After work, I went to Ontario Mills with Yvonne and Sam to go dress
shopping. I’m quite disappointed in Ontario Mills. They didn’t have
anything I liked. Well, I shouldn’t say that. But nothing I liked
for Yvonne to wear for this deal of ours. You’d think at a place that
big, there would be some stores that sold more of the stuff I’m looking
for. Oh well…

We went to Benihana for dinner. Neither Yvonne or Sam have been there,
so we had to go. Took Sam to get some strawberry dougnuts afterwards.
And then we came to my house. A very wet house. The sprinkler system
in our house broke and all this water poured into the entrance of our
house. It’s still quite wet, and we have no running water. So Sam
and I went over to Yvonne’s house to spend the night. I feel bad for
Yvonne. She has a final today. Actually, right now. But of course
she’ll sacrifice her time to study to hang out with us and then let
use stay at her place. What a friend.

So that was my day. Just a reminder for all you people though. I told
Yvonne I would give her a All My Life specially made CD for her
wedding gift, whenever that’ll happen. But she said she was glad I’m
always forgetting this kind of stuff. So don’t let me forget. Of
course I had a feeling she was referring to something else, but oh